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115 BTS Fan Questions!

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1. Who was your first bias and why?
2. Who’s your bias now and why?
3. What’s your earliest BTS related memory?
4. What do your friends and family think of your love for BTS?
5. What’s your opinion of BigHit?
6. What is your favorite era so far?
7. Do you like the boys mainly for their music?
8. What are your five favorite songs?
9. What’s your favorite album and why?
10. How did you discover BTS?

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Ὀγδόη Μεσοῦντος/ Ὀγδόη ἐπὶ δέκα / Όκτωκαιδεκάτη, XVIII day
From today’s sunset: eighteenth day of Boedromion.

Epidauria, or Asklepieia, the annual festival of Asklepios in Athens. According to Pausanias and Philostratos, Asklepios originally came to Athens on this day to be initiated into the Mysteries, and, because He was late, an extra festival day was created to accommodate him: “The Athenians say that they initiated Asklepios into their Mysteries on that day, and since that time they paid divine honors to Him.”

“It was then the day of the Epidaurian festival, at which it is customary for the Athenians to hold the initiation at a second sacrifice after both proclamation and victims have been offered; and this custom was instituted in honor of Asklepios, because they still initiated him when he arrived from Epidauros too late for the Mysteries.”

Accordingly, this extra day allows late arrivals to join the festival.

Festival linked with the establishment of the cult of Asklepios and Hygeia in Athens: “Telemachos founded the sanctuary and altar to Asklepios first, and Hygeia, the sons of Asklepios and His daughters…coming up from Zea during the Great Mysteries, Asklepios was conveyed to the Eleusinion; and having sent for servants at his own expenses, Telemachos brought Him here on a wagon, in accordance with an oracle; at the same time came Hygeia; and so the whole sanctuary was established in the archonship of Astyphilos of Kydantidai.”

First, there is a pannychis in honor of Asklepios, in the Eleusinion and in the temple of Asklepios; following a procession (from Zea to the temple of Asklepios?), there is a second major sacrifice- “The Archon Basileus organizes the procession in honor of Asklepios, when the initiates spend the night staying awake…”

A sacrifice and procession were thus established for the Epidauria, “on the day when the mystai were keeping at home.” The mystai remain at their homes in meditation, preparing themselves for the following days.

“the son of Nikokrates, of Phlya, who was priest of Asklepios and Hygieia in the year of the archonship of Timarchos, performed in fair and pious fashion the initial sacrifices of the year to Asklepios and Hygieia and the other Gods to whom it was an ancestral custom to make offerings, and whereas at the Asklepieia, the Epidauria, and the Heroa he sacrificed bulls in the Asklepios sanctuary in town and performed the night-festivals of these celebrations; moreover, having made sacrifices in behalf of the Council and the Demos and the children and the women, he reported in all cases to the Council that the sacrifices had been favourable and that they assured safety…”

Private sacrificial calendar: a perfect sacrifice to Dionysos and to all the other Gods

(cfr. Vit. Apoll. iv. 18; Pausanias 2.26.8; IG II2 974,1367, 4960 ; Herod. v. 82; Arist. Or. XXXXVII 6; Arist. Ath. Pol. 56.4)

(Marble statue of Asclepius; leaning on a club round which a snake is twined; bearded and wearing diadem and mantle. By His side is a draped figure of Telesphoros (which is headless). Roman (perhaps after a Greek original of the third century BCE). Now in the British Museum…)


Launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 on CRS-11 Mission

SpaceX has successfully launches a Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Pad 39A carrying the Dragon CRS-11 mission to the International Space Station.

CRS-11 is carrying 2,708 kilograms of cargo and supplies.

This is the first Dragon flight using a previously launched capsule.

The Dragon had previously flown in 2014 on the CRS-4 mission to the space station.

The Falcon 9 core stage successfully touched down at Landing Zone 1 at the nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Dragon CRS-11 is slated to dock with the Space Station on Sunday.

The mission was also the 100th rocket to blast off from the historic Apollo Saturn V and Space Shuttle Launch Pad 39A.

Pad 39A had previously seen 12 Saturn V’s and 82 Space Shuttles flights.
This is also the sixth launch of a Falcon 9 from the same pad.

destinydueler  asked:

Do you think Harley tries albiet futiley to stop the Joker from going after Selina to harm Bruce? Harley and Selina have been on the same team a few times, so I was wondering if she tries to protect her.

She might, but there’s also a good chance that she wouldn’t. Surprisingly people have only tried to harm Selina a handful of times to get to Bruce. The Joker has only done this once and it was back in the ‘80s before Harley Quinn had even been created. Catwoman had been erring on the side of good for years and he brainwashed her into turning evil, but Year One was published shortly after so it was retconned. 

The legacy of Gotham City Sirens has created this perception that Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy have been BFFs since the beginning when in actuality Ivy and Selina never really got along and Ivy and Harley have collectively done more harm to Selina than the Joker ever has, especially Harley.  

First, once Harley and Catwoman were stuck in prison together and Harley slit Selina’s throat. She subsequently gave Catwoman drugs to make her easier to control and coerced her into trying to kill Commissioner Gordon just for fun (Catwoman v.2 #82-83). 

Next came Batman: Hush when both Harley and Ivy did some pretty terrible things to Catwoman. Ivy used her charms to brainwash Catwoman into stealing for her. Some people have also interpreted this mean that Ivy sexually assualted Catwoman, but that’s open to interpretation. During a night of debauchery with the Joker Harley shot Catwoman and ruined her date with Bruce Wayne. 

Finally in the very first issues of Gotham City Sirens Harley and Ivy tried to torture Catwoman into revealing Batman’s identity immediately after she had just invited them to live with her. 

Still Harley helped Selina get revenge on Hush (even though she paid her to) and she helped Selina save her sister and Selina saved Harley from Hush and tried to help her reform. Their friendship is a mixed bag of firmly standing up for and defending each other and Selina taking a lot of abuse from Ivy and Harley. Their history has shown that Harley’s had no problem maiming, shooting, and torturing Catwoman as a means to an end. It’s a weird friendship, but what else could you expect really. 

anonymous asked:

35, 61, 82 :v

35.- consumes alguna droga?
R. no, mi polola cuenta como droga😹? ah NDLDL
61.- te gustan los besos con lenguas?
R. sí, pero me gustan los besos previos a que lleven a los con lenguas JSLDK
82. has fantaseado con tu mejor amigo/a?
R. no, la veo como mi hermana🖖🏻

Arima and What happens next.

This chapter left me feeling very empty and traumatized for personal reasons, and I honestly didn’t think I was going to talk about this chapter, but I sat down and thought about Arima for a while. The fact that Arima killed himself is so chilling to me, but in a twisted way makes sense. To me Arima has always came off as awkward in situations outside of fighting ghouls, he’s quiet, says things that rub others the wrong way, doesn’t smile, and he does strange things like jumps on tables. In many ways he acts like a child that already seen the terrible things the world has to offer. However, that feeling goes away when he is fighting you can tell this is where he feels comfortable. This puts emphasis on how messed up his childhood, Arima in many ways was programmed to be one thing and one thing only a killing machine. Something that can kill ghouls without sympathy from a weak lone ghoul, to a family, to an SSS rank. Which to me is the saddest fact, because Arima is a genius he had so much potential to become something amazing, if it wasn’t for the fact that he ended up somehow in the garden. Arima is shown to be into reading as much as Kaneki, he gave Fura his textbook in Jack because he knew how to do all the math already. Arima is even an amazing teacher even though his methods are unconventional look at Hirako, Ui, Akira, and mostly Haise/Kaneki who was able to finally surpass him. Yet, Arima was raised for one purpose and one purpose kill ghouls and don’t lose, and the moment his warranty and his health started to wane they started to look for a replacement. Which I think puts this nail in the coffin of Arima’s self worth. I think the one thing that I know about Arima is how much he cared for Kaneki, because Arima said that he was not going to kill him, that he couldn’t, that explains why he was so violent towards Kaneki during this fight he was trying to get him to beat him, because he couldn’t kill him and Kaneki couldn’t kill him either because they became close. However, Arima was brought up on this ideology that their cannot be a die someone has to die in a battle. So, Arima who had nothing else to give and was brought to a stalemate, his purpose for living the only thing he knows and the one thing that he thinks he’s good at was taken from him. So, in many ways tragically killed himself, because he didn’t have anything else. What does this mean for the series then, well in one chapter Ishida removed the two most powerful pieces from the board, Arima died and Eto got bested by Furuta. Yet, I believe this is for a purpose the fact that Arima and Eto were equals their was this stalemate and order was kept. It wasn’t until Eto brought in a possibility of a new One-eyed King that the balance seemed to shift and both sides got scared. Eto wants the one-eyed king killed, and V wants to know who it is. I think this is setting a stage because Eto said she was getting two old and Arima was going blind. Arima as much as I loved him I feel like he outlived his purpose for being alive, but not in memory, because I feel like the next arc we are going to learn a lot about him, this arc was a formal introduction to V so why wouldn’t the next arc be learning about it, especially because Kaneki is going to be on the run after this. I feel like if Kaneki finally learns and understands Arima it would influence him to maybe go as far as following Eto’s request. That is why I think Eto was the one out of the two to live. Eto still needs to be alive because she is Kaneki’s connection to V and seems to have a lot of the answers that are needed to keep the story going. Arima needed to die so Kaneki could get the reason to become interested, when Eto peaked Kaneki interest about V but he still didn’t care because he was only concerned about Hinami at the time. Kaneki just lost someone to V not by their own hand but by omission and how they raised him. This arc had Kaneki and Furuta upset the power balance by taking out the two most powerful characters. Furuta will probably take Arima’s place because he is a part of V and Kaneki might take Eto’s. After this arc I feel like the rest of the manga is going to be in complete chaos and it’s going to be amazing. But, I might be wrong because their is a slime chance that Arima might live, but maybe it’s just my personal pessimism at the moment that’s making me feel this way.


V: Ya estamos devuelta!! y vamos a continuar compañero por que otra de las cosas que tengo pendientes… Atento me quito todo

*Vegetta se quita la armadura*

V: Diras ostras vegetta
W: *Sonido extraño de pasiva excitada* 
V: Si señor!! Otras de las cosas que tenemos pendientes seria hacer 

*Willy le da latigasos*

V: Bueno bueno tranquilo

*risa nerviosa de willy*

Ya digo yo que Willy es mas pervertido que vegetta 7u7

matthewbolen  asked:

4 82 98 ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


4. do you like your name? why?
Yeah, I suppose I do! I like having an uncommon name, but I can never find my name on souvenirs or anything ;v;

82. favorite ice cream flavor? 
uhhhh prolly coffee! Good ol’ Haagen Dazs brand
I grew up on it cause my dad likes it a lot haha

98. favorite month? 
DECEMBER!!! bc its my birthday month c: also I love the holiday spirit that goes around!!


Visionary comic book creator, Jack “King” Kirby, was born on this day, August 28, in 1917. Jack Kirby created (or co-created) over 300 comic book characters including Captain America, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Iron Man, The New Gods, Mister Miracle, OMAC, Devil Dinosaur, The Demon, Destroyer Duck, and many, many more.

Which Jack Kirby creation or co-creation is your favorite?

These comics (and many more) are part of the DuGarm Collection at the University of Iowa Special Collections

Super Powers v.2 #1 (September 1985), cover by Jack Kirby and Greg Theakston

OMAC v.1 #5 (June 1975), cover by Jack Kirby

Destroyer Duck v.1 (1982), cover by Jack Kirby

Fantastic Four v.1 #82 (January 1969), cover by Jack Kirby 

Black Panther v.1 #2 (March 1977), cover by Jack Kirby

2001: A Space Oddyssey #3 (February 1977), cover by Jack Kirby

Challengers of the Unknown #77 (January 1971), cover by Jack Kirby

New Gods #1 (March 1971), cover by Jack Kirby

Captain America v.1 #203 (November 1976), cover by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia

The Demon v.1 #11 (August 1973), cover by Jack Kirby