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Hiiiii~ BTS reaction to you both sleeping in bed but he wakes up since you are sleep talking and snoring slightly as you try to reach out and cuddle them in your sleep?? <3

imma do a gif reaction to this. :3

Jin: He’ll take a peek at you, and when he sees your lips mumbling and snoring at the same time, he’ll have a small smile on his face, and face the other direction. haha

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(im using this gif again lol)

Suga: Suga honestly, would not even realize. He’ll be in deep sleep. But if he did hear you, he’ll shrug it off and face the other direction. (oops, sorry XD)

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Hobi: Hobi would be the same as Jin. He’ll wake up and see you, and a big smile would be plastered on his face. He’ll continue admiring you and not turn away, cause he thinks this moment is precious and cute.

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Rap Mon: Rap Mon would be snoring himself, and wouldn’t even notice you, tbh. But if he did, he’ll be like Suga and shrug it off. But when he closes his eyes, going back to sleep, and he hears you murmur, he’ll shyly smile to himself. 

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Jimin: I feel like Jimin is a light sleeper, so he’ll definitely wake up, and turn to face you. As he’s watching you snoring and sleep talking, he’ll be like Hobi and admire you so much since he finds it really cute. :3

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V: V would be like Jimin. He would be awake and very smiley as he hears you snoring lightly and sleep talking. He, i think, also sleep talks sometimes, so he’ll find it really adorable from you. He’ll immediately come close to you, like 1 inch away from you, and smile so happy at you as he’s watching you continuing on sleep talking and snoring. 

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Jungkook: Jungkook is going to be a mix of Suga and Rap Mon. He’ll either be deep asleep or if he if did wake up to you snoring and sleep talking, he’ll chuckle and face the other way, but he’ll find it adorable too. :3

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