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os 13 porquês é impactante.

você já pensou no peso que as suas palavras e atitudes podem ter na vida de outra pessoa?

e se você já foi um dos porquês de alguém?

se importe com o próximo. pense antes de falar. todos nós enfrentamos uma batalha. nunca sabemos quando alguém está perdendo ou ganhando.

let me break this gif down for you real quick because why not:

- suga wants to prove that he’s right while looking like he’s about to spit straight fire (his hands tho omg)

- kookie turned into a penguin and is shimmying like there is no tomorrow to mock his hyung

- hobi wanted to mock him too but then he looked at him and realised how hilarious yoongi actually is (#yoonseok4life)

- rapmon in the back tries to contribute to the dance too but just like jimin, he then decides to watch the spectacle from afar

- and then we have tae who has to push suga away because he can’t stop laughing because of him

thank you and goodebye


After filming BTS RUN 13 

V : I almost fainted when he did that hair flip. He is SO CUTE !

JUNGKOOK : I know right. With his wet hair. SO SEXY !

JIMIN : *appears* Who is sexy ?

V : *nervous* The … Mmm … My elephant is sexy ! Look …

JK : Ah …mmm Yeah yeah his trunk is soo loooong and sexy ? HA Ha ha a

JIMIN : *leaving* Oh ! I see … The trunk … makes sense.

JK :  WHAT ? A sexy elephant ? Hyung you are a brilliant liar !!!

V : *proud* You too. We were SO NATURAL ! 


JIMIN : Guys this time the elephant’s trunk is sexy *sigh*.
SUGA : Wasn’t Last time chicken thighs were sexy .*facepalm*
JIN : and when I caught them talking about Jimin’s butt, they said it was ‘Djibouti’ the country that was sexy …*sigh*


170307 3:29pm KST


달리고 또 달린다~ 달려라 방탄!🏃🏻🏃🏼미리보기👀

2017년 3월 7일 PM 9:00(KST)
RUN BTS! 2017 - Epi.13
@ V LIVE BTS Channel


Run and run again~ Run BTS!🏃🏻🏃🏼Preview👀

2017 March 7th PM 9:00(KST)
RUN BTS! 2017 - Epi.13
@ V LIVE BTS Channel

Trans by; Lynn @ bts-channelplus


Haikyuu!! staff and Furudate-sensei thank us for our support this year and wish us a good New Year. ^^

First image
Hinata: This year, thanks to everyone again, Haikyuu!! will enter another year! Thank you very much! We hope-
Hinata: ?!
Tendou: Wakatoshi-kun, you can’t cut across like that!
Yamaguchi: Gah!
Yachi: Eep!
Hinata: We hope for your support next year too!!
On TV: Hold a festival until everyone’s really embarrassed. (Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whZgD9vKuWQ 02:13 Manzai routine - Thanks @victoriel)
SFX: Bam!

Second image
Daichi: The greeting “Have a good New Year” is nice somehow.
Oikawa: Yeah, I get it. When some unknown announcer says it after the news or something, I’m kinda happy.
Bokuto & Kuroo: It’s even better if it’s a girl saying it.
Daichi: By the way, aren’t you guys lazing around way too much?
OIkawa: Isn’t it fine once in a while? As captains, aren’t we under considerable stress all the time?
Bokuto: I get it!!
Kuroo: Shut up, Bokuto.
Together: With that, please do have a good New Year everyone.

Source: Official Twitter

Necesito ya mismo una segunda temporada de 13 reasons why, tengo demasiadas preguntas. ¿Bryce va a la cárcel? ¿Qué hace el padre de Jessica al saber lo que le hizo Bryce? ¿Courtney se lo cuenta a sus padres? ¿A dónde se va Justin? ¿Volverá? ¿Alex muere? ¿Por qué Tyler tiene armas y guardó la foto de Alex? ¿Qué hacen los padres de Hannah al escuchar las cintas? ¿Y Mr. Poter? ¿Sheri va a la cárcel? ¿Realmente habrá ocurrido todo o solo estaba en la mente de Clay y era una alucinación?