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V: Necesito una espada para protegerte en caso de que la cosa se ponga chungui 


V: Willy! detrás, detrás, detrás, detrás. Yo te salvo, Yo te salvo


V: *Muere* No! No me lo creo… Vale, da igual, mejor yo que tú


Querido fandom, ¿por qué no hay momentos wigetta en la etiqueta wigetta? Olvidemos el bardo, las dudas y disfrutemos

No sé, me parece extraño escribir momentos de algún vídeo porque no es lo que yo suela hacer, pero  bueh

Remember when Artemis broke down and cried for that single minute (“and then became himself again”) after rescuing Arty v.1?
I imagine Butler feeling a bit uncomfortable. His principle, this little boy with a frozen heart, who had him help kidnap a fairy, kill off the last of an entire animal species, and many other things, has just fallen to the ground on his knees and is literally sobbing. And I just imagine Butler having close to no idea of what to do about it. Maybe he’s a little heart broken at seeing his dear principle crying; maybe he’s just glad another adventure is over, or maybe he’s even happy to see this child who is more of an adult than anyone simply break down and cry for a bit.

so these things happened during eunwoo’s birthday v live broadcast:

1. revealed he had met his parents for his birthday celebration (yes!)

2. revealed that the six of them spent nearly 500,000 won on chilli crab during their visit to Singapore 

3. moonbin came surprising him with a strawberry cake!

4. but they left the cake untouched (probably to share it with the other members at the practicing room?)

5. revealed his middle school student ID

6. may or may not have revealed moonbin’s phone number by accident (praying hard that no one saw his phone number and try to call him afterwards :/)

RFA+V+Saeran: Smut #1 (Part 2)

Ok so here’s part 2!! Hope it’ll quench your thirst lol~
Part 1

Warning: Smut!

✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉

I let out a long and loud yawn as I back away from my desk. ‘Finally done with the job’, I thought. Now that I’m done with the job, I suddenly realize that I haven’t taken as shower for 2 days now and all I’ve been eating is honey buddha chips. I stand up and stretch my body while heading towards the bathroom. I strip down to nothing then start running the shower, soaking my body from head to toe. Just then I hear the door clicks open, through the blurry glass I can see Mc’s blushing face before she yells.

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Sometimes during development you have to redo things. This isn’t a major overhaul; I’m actually adding a small scene that expands some characters and aids later foreshadowing of plot points and characters. I just hope it doesn’t slow down the beginning too much. Guess we’ll find out when Demo V.1 launches this summer. Also, work is still trudging away on the art assets. Lack of power from the recent storms and being ill and preparing for a con are delaying me soooo much! ;__;

General personality breakdown of the Shards during their respective eras:

  • The Progenitor: Confused by his own happiness. Willing to go to jail for the kids. More than willing to get violent to stake out a place to live.
  • The Cosmopolitan: [Theme to Clueless intensifies]
  • The Investor: Anxious. Gotta damage control fast.THIS IS NOT FINE
  • The Magnanimous: Big friendly, big fluff. The prototype Good King™.
  • The Fatherly: Soft and loving in spite of being the first and only ruler to exile someone. The Good King™ v.1.0
  • The Pragmatic: Her mother’s looks, the Progenitor’s temper. Emotionally distant.
  • The Maintainer: The living embodiment of a slouch paired with a disinterested eyeroll.
  • The Opportunist: Small, nervous man who just wants to do a good job.
  • The Appointer: Tired of both her predecessors shit. Officious and eager.
  • The Economist: Chain-smoking lesbian completely ignores ‘husband’, busy being dead inside.
  • The Aesthetician: Busy having vogue battles with his wife. Just wants his clan to be happy (but also pretty).
  • The Lovers: Constantly considering running away together, and yet not above letting other clans in the area know they’ll kneecap anyone who disturbs their happy home.
  • The Radiant: The Good King™ ~Perfected~. Actual cinnamon roll.  Doting, dutiful, and loving. The best we ever had.
  • Shard Fragment: Trying his best. Honest and dorky. Actually thinks about consequences. Became a better man through having his own family.
  • Shard Sliver: Trying her best. High emotional walls, but very prone to internalization. Failed to cope.

Sometimes women are much braver than the men. And the most fierce, her name is Lagertha


Is video game voice acting something you want to pursue going forward?
Well yeah, I enjoyed this experience a lot. I want to be loyal to Lexi, obviously. I’ve been very lucky insofar as I’ve managed to cross mediums my entire career, like stage, and theatre, and film, and tv, and now, computer gaming. I would like to keep on doing all of them for a very long time. Not 275 years, but a long time.