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*Drumroll~~~* This is my Valentine’s Art Trade for the AMAZING @nayeonniekim!!! I drew Yoosung in his LOLOL armour (slightly modified) and Nay’s character who is a bloodthirsty assassin. HOPE YA LIKE IT, NAY <3

Story time: Nay is the first friend I made on here :) despite having this account for a year (how do you friend on Tumblr >.>) We instantly clicked on our mutual love of husbando Yoosung and since then our friendship has been growing strong~ She’s a wonderful person and ya’ll should follow her HER ART IS LIT <3

She took a deep breath before wiping away the tears that had secretly made their way down her cheek.  She took one glance at Harry’s glassy eyes and panicked expression.

“I’m not Alice.”

Harry kicked the dirt on the ground which scuffed up his shoes, but those were the least of his concerns.  With his hands shoved into his pockets, he sniffled, “All I wanted was to receive the love that I gave you, Alice.”

“Harry, I’m not––”

“Alice,”  Harry finished off Ace’s sentence for her.  And suddenly, her Cheshire friend with the lovely green eyes held no trace of a smile on his face.  He looked the complete opposite as to how everyone in Wonderland described him: the dazzling, always smiling like a Cheshire cat, darling man.

Not Alice • An Alice in Wonderland Au coming to 1dff & tumblr summer 2016

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  • character: AND THEN I'LL SHOW YOU —
  • me: hoe don't do it
  • me: oh my god

I was tagged by @politicalmamaduck a few days ago and i thought i already posted it but i didnt so here it is lol

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Name: Vanessa

Nicknames: Vaness, Nessa, Ness, Nay, V

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Height: 5'6″ ish

Orientation: aro-spec/asexual

Ethnicity: Irish

Favorite fruit: oranges

Favorite season: spring

Favorite book series: A Song of Ice and Fire, but I am also extremely fond of The Hunger Games

Favorite flower: tulip

Favorite scent: old books :)

Favorite color: orange

Favorite animal: otters

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea, but hot chocolate is a close second

Average sleep hours: 6-7

Cat or dog person?: DOGGOS

Favorite fictional characters: Sansa, Arya, and Bran Stark, Cersei Lannister, Oberyn Martell, Margaery Tyrell, Katniss Everdeen,  Luna Lovegood, Remus Lupin, Draco Malfoy,  Newt, Minho, Teresa, the gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia, and all the kids from Stranger Things

Number of blankets you sleep with: 3 plus my comforter (in the winter)

Dream trip: Spain or Ireland

Blog created: Nov 2014

Number of followers: it’s been fluctuating around 500

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Rules: You can only say guilty or innocent. You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you or asks you.

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Asked someone to marry you? guilty
Kissed one of your friends? guilty
Danced on a table in a bar or tavern? innocent  
Ever told a lie? guilty
Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have? innocent
Ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? guilty
Ever kissed someone of the same sex? :c innocent 
Kissed a picture? guilty 
Slept in until 5pm? guilty
Fallen asleep at work or school? guilty
Held a snake? guilty
Been suspended from school? innocent
Stolen something? innocent
Done something you regret? guilty
Laughed until something you were drinking came out of your nose? guilty
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? innocent
Kissed in the rain? innocent
Sat on a roof top? innocent
Sang in the shower? guilty
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? innocent
Slept naked? guilty
Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry? innocent
Been in a band? innocent
Shot a gun? innocent
Donated blood? innocent (I have Crohn’s disease)
Eaten alligator meat? innocent
Eaten cheesecake? guilty
Still loved someone you shouldn’t? guilty
Have/had a tattoo? innocent
Been too honest? guilty
Ruined a surprise? guilty
Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you can’t walk after? guilty
Erased someone in your friends list? guilty
Dressed in a man’s clothes? guilty
Dressed in a woman’s clothes? guilty
Joined a pageant? innocent
Been told that you’re beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? guilty
Still have communication with your ex? innocent
Cheated on someone? innocent
Got totally drunk one night when you had an important exam the next morning? innocent
A total stranger treated you by paying your fare? innocent
Got so angry that you cried? guilty
Tried to stay away from someone for their own good? innocent
Actually murdered someone? guilty
Thought about mass murder? guilty 
Actually committed a mass murder? guilty
Rode in a stranger’s vehicle? guilty
Stalked someone? innocent
Had a girlfriend? innocent
Had a boyfriend? guilty
Totally drunk during a holiday? innocent

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anonymous asked:

Did Elliel or Naelia have prior relationships before ending up together?

Oh what a fun question!! This might get a little elaborate, apologies in advance for long post ;v;

Ellie and Nay actually met as teenagers (around 14-15) and had a pretty sweet puppy love, but they were separated and didn’t think they’d see each other again. Between that time and them reuniting as adults, they both become players and have a lot of casual flings and things they wouldn’t call relationships. BUT

Ellie has an on-going healthy friend-with-benefits. They’re an Ogre warrior and met her through mercenary work. In the Northern underworld, they often act as each others’ informants and have a very drama-free physical relationship. They’re kind of her sugar daddy and she might even see them while being in a relationship with Naelia in the future

One time for a job, Elliel had to infiltrate a Jotun crime family and ended up falling in love with the rival boss’s son. She originally meant to seduce him for work purposes only, but his sensitive nature really got to her. Sadly this one ended up breaking off badly because she wasn’t ready for commitment and he eventually found out about her original plans

Naelia on the other hand played around with practically every girl at her magic academy, but eventually was engaged to an older woman from another illustrious Naiad family. It was passionate, but the political tensions between their houses ended up souring things