Busan boys always watching over their Daegu boys ⸜♡


He really loves to hold you tight and whisper sweet nothings to you after a long day at work or if you tell him you’re feeling lonely. He kisses your forehead as well, not much rubbing or anything like that; he just likes to nap holding onto you like a teddy bear. But if you ask for a certain thing he’ll do it for you since all he wants is for you to feel comfortable and loved. Likes to run his fingers through your hair as well.


He loves cuddling even if he doesn’t admit it. Most of the time its rather silent since usually he’s exhausted whenever he comes home; but he rubs your back softly and snuggles his face into your hair while you cuddle against his chest. Sometimes he’ll pet your hair as well. He likes being very close, so its a tight embrace; but not uncomfortable. He’ll talk about what he’s been feeling or his day if he’s not too tired during these exchanges. Its a sweet and soft thing, but he’s still grateful for it.


He likes to snuggle with you laying on top of his chest, He kisses the top of your head and holds you close; but theres still enough room to breathe and squirm since he doesn’t want to make you feel suffocated or anything. He’s a big talker so you listen to him go on about his day or things he’s been thinking about, to which he does the same to you. He’ll rub his thumb across your shoulder while you talk.


She likes to be close while snuggling, face to face most of the time so she can admire how beautiful you are. Theres loose chat most of the time but she doesn’t babble much. Loves tracing your features with her fingers, and is grateful when you do the same back to her. She also likes cuddling into your chest while you run your fingers through her hair after a long day at work.


He usually cant get through a cuddle session without biting you or doing something goofy, But when he does cuddle he likes to kiss the crevice of your neck while you two laugh about pointless things together, sometimes he’ll pretend to fall asleep on top of you and wont move until you get flustered with him. Snuggles into your side with his leg thrown over you to ‘trap’ you there. He holds you tight and blows raspberries on your cheeks and neck.


While he does like to cuddle, he doesn’t like making a big fuss of it. Its mainly a silent ordeal, he’ll come to you or your bed and push his chest against your back while holding your hand comfortingly. Sometimes he’ll run his fingers in patterns over your sides and hips if he’s not too tired. You love the show of love no matter how tiny it is. Later on in the relationship when he’s more comfortable, He likes to be the little spoon.


Loves cuddling. Anytime of day– he loves it. He likes to be face to face with you even if he cant see you very well. When you run your fingers down the back of his neck he gets goosebumps and loves it. He places his hand on your hip and rubs his thumb across it; may give you a small sweet kiss on the lips or nose during these ordeals. He’ll tell you how much he loves you or asks about your day while you both are like this. He hums to you as well and holds you close to his chest while petting your hair whenever its time to go to bed.

doodles I did on a table at a food place. My aunt’s boyfriend’s family wanted to meet her and I had to be dragged along.

oh god it was so awkward and uncomfortable, it was like the stereo typical family embarrasses the son in front of his girlfriend.
They kept calling me out about how quiet I was being- which is bringing attention to me which is the thing I don’t want.

I started drawing weapons n shit because they were getting annoying but I think I creeped out his dad. He didn’t look at me or try and talk to me for the rest of the night- fuck.