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An Ode to Eastside Stevie

Peace to the recently deceased Yung Gawd Steven Rodriguez aka Eastside Stevie aka A$AP Yams. I woke up last morning do my daily social media ritual to see a flood of tributes to Yams, leaving me to say, “WTF dawg”. When a man has a plethora of fly ass nicknames, you can bet that his personality is as colourful as the codeine cups he sippeth.  The way Yams lived, I’m sure he wouldn’t want us mourning for too long. All though he leaves us with many questions, he also left us with timeless gems that had us all weak. His distinctive twitter presence will be dearly missed.  


Below we share Yams’s love for Goth bitches and much more. We have compiled his best “Goth Bitch” tweets and some other gems to celebrate the humour he bestowed upon us while he was here. Rest eazy Young Lord. 

From his time in rehab

Aint this the truth

More jox tweets :’)


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