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160730 ○ lyuanz
Yixing being very impressed by the fact that Suho understood what he said in Chinese

Yixing: I did my best today and the members also did their best. My mom’s birthday was in July but I didn’t properly give her any gift so today’s concert is a gift to you and I want to show you EXO’s performances. Let me say a few words to my mom. (in Chinese) Mom, I want to be a son you will be proud of.
Suho: Did you just say you’ll become a son that your mom can be proud of?
Yixing: How did you know?!
Baekhyun: Of course he knew it, it’s just basic knowledge.
Kyungsoo: And you used a Changsha accent, right?
Yixing: Ah… yes… I used… a little bit.
Suho: I really understand what you just said.
Kyungsoo: Suho hyung is really amazing.
Yixing: Thank you everyone for coming!  (trans: prof_ippun)


[EP] VIXX - Project VIXX2 Invaders from Space Return


160730 Bangtan Officials Tweet

[#오늘의방탄] #방탄소년단 화양연화 에필로그 마닐라 콘서트에 와주신 팬 여러분 고맙습니다! 오늘도 너무나 즐거웠던 콘서트~ 불타오르네!!🔥🔥

trans: [#TodaysBangtan] Thank you to the fans who came to the Mood For Love Epilogue Concert in Manila! Today’s concert was so enjoyable~ Fire!!🔥🔥

Trans cr; Elise @ fy-jiminnie
Take out with full credit

Of Mice & Men and Papa Roach posin’ for a pretty sick behind the scenes shot from our 2016 #APMAS 😁 Missed all the action? We’ve got you covered! (📷 : Grizzlee Martin)