Noir [7/?]


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Naruto manages to haul Sasuke out of the club after the bouncer kicks them out (but not before Sasuke gets one last kick in), which a miracle in itself because Naruto is equally drunk. They take refuge at a nearby diner, ordering fries and the diner fry up to share.

Sasuke’s slumped in the booth, his head resting on his arms, his dark hair obscuring his face. They know he isn’t sleeping because he occasionally adds his own commentary during the conversation. The six of them are already crammed into a four person booth, Sasuke being like this only pushes Tenten closer to Neji - being sandwiched between the two.

Naruto goes on a rant about the creepy stranger and Tenten can’t help but feel guilty. She had started this by accepting the stranger’s offer to buy her a drink, knowing she had no intention of dancing with him at all. However, Hinata reaches across the table to pat her hand.

“It’s not your fault, Tenten. He was in the wrong.” she says reassuringly, and it makes Tenten feel worse. Hinata is unwaveringly kind and had always been so. She should have made more of an effort to be friends with her back then, even after Neji had left, even more so when Neji had stopped writing letters.

“Y’know I would have hit him too but two against one probably wasn’t fair.” Naruto laughs, “He deserved it though.”

“Motherfucker.” Sasuke mutters. Even Neji snorts.

“We should probably get going.” Hinata says, standing up.

“What? Why?” Naruto whines, shoving a piece of bacon into his mouth.

“Because we have brunch with father tomorrow morning.” Hinata reminds him gently.

“Oh. Right. That.” Naruto says, suddenly more alert at the mention of his future father-in-law. “Anyway, it’s been fun guys! We should hang out again.”

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I originally intended for these to just be on twitter, but since someone reposted them here, I thought that I might as well post them myself. (That person and I have talked about it BTW, and we’re cool.) That way, the tweet I based these on can be credited here as well!

Anyways, I saw Olivia When (twit: @usuallyawake) post these photos of a bakery’s sandwich boards and it was such a great fit for Team 7. Olivia’s tweet can be found here!

My original tweet can be found here

You asked for this, please bear with me. 

I don’t know what kind of ending you would’ve like to see but this is kinda my vision of it (?)  I just wanted them to act a bit more personal and intimate.
I don’t want to go too deep into that, because I’m not a person of many words, but I say they deserved better.
I hope some will enjoy this, I had to rush it and had to keep it quite simple and messy because I’m fighting a flu right now. Also sorry for grammatical errors ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

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