Honestly, Sasuke over Naruto.

Sasuke has become a more favorited character for me rather than Naruto..

Sasuke has had the same goal since day one, went his own way, and is slowly being turned into a some what better direction, and he is doing it because he decides he wants to. I guess I am liking him more because he is more independent than Naruto, in my opinion.

Naruto does carry everybody’s wishes on his shoulders, but he is doing it to “save” Sasuke, and of course because he wants to become strong and become the Hokage, which will inevitably happen. But what about Sasuke? he still has an ever growing potential, and nobody can really quite tell what he will become, or if he will die fighting Naruto. You just don’t know–well I don’t..

And of course he is the perfect rival, and sort of the under dog rather than Naruto.

I don’t know I guess since I have sort of a rebel personality, I would choose Sasuke over Naruto when it comes to favorites. I still love Naruto, but he’s the good guy, everybody is rooting for him now, rather than Sasuke (the fan base) and of course I like rooting for opposites, just because I don’t like being cliche.. lol

And also, to me, Sasuke fights because he is strong, opposed to Naruto who fights for everybody–not that there is anything wrong with that, but I guess what I am trying to say is that I think Sasuke made himself strong, and Naruto had a lot of help to get to where he is now.

The only analogy i can make is Vegita and Goku. At first Goku isn;t as strong as Vegita, but you want to go for the good guy, but then you see what kind of person Vegita is, and that he isn’t “pure evil” but rather fighting to be strong. Yes, Goku puts him on the right track, but I don’t know…

I guess I just love a good rivalry in the end, and I like rooting for the protagonist’s  greatest contender when it comes to rivals. 

of course I am not like that with the Broncos and Raiders lol Broncos all the way, go Peyton, hope we make it to the Super Bowl xD

as you can tell I have gotten side-tracked and lost focus, but I hope for those reading, they can see where I am coming from and why I pick Sasuke over Naruto as a favorite character. I mean, I have a curse mark seal tattoo like Sasuke.. lmao but yeah, I hope those that read this, and hope people will read it in the first place, will like this post

-Anthony ;p