uzi 9mm


Uzi carbines

Designed by Uziel Gal c.1950, manufactured by Action Arms - serial numbers SA25076, SA46205 and SA15659.
9mm Parabellum 20, 25 and 32-round removable box magazine, open bolt blowback semi-automatic, collapsible stock.

These long plain barrels sticking out of a compact frame are very aesthetically pleasing.


9mm Uzi suppressed 😲

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The gravestone and open casket funeral of pregnant 18-year-old, Jackie Wright, and her 8-month-old son, Carlos. On 18 July, 1984, Wright went to McDonalds in San Ysidro with her 11-year-old niece, Aurora Peña, and her son, Carlos. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As the family were enjoying their meal, 41-year-old James Huberty, armed with a 9mm Browning semi-automatic pistol, a 9mm Uzi, a Winchester 12 gauge pump-action shotgun, entered McDonalds and started to shoot. He killed 21 people including Jackie and Carlos. Jackies niece, Aurora, survived - Jackie shielded her from the spraying bullets. Aurora later recounted that she felt her aunt jerking and shaking on top of her - she had been shot 48 times while shielding Aurora. Huberty then turned the gun to 8-month-old Carlos, who was crying. Huberty shouted at him to shut up before shooting him in the back.

Huberty killed 21 patrons, five of which were children, before being shot dead.


Garage-gunsmith suppressor for 9mm SBR Uzi

The threading and alignment parts of the build were skipped by using a very simplified method - as the suppressor is meant for an Uzi, it uses a spare Uzi barrel nut to lock the suppressor in place.