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La marihuana al principio te lleva en el vuelo, te hace sentir bien , te quita los problemas, pero se acaba la etapa feliz y todo se jode, se te vienen más problemas y la madre, hay quienes no bajan del vuelo. Fumas al diablo.

Uy que lindo piensas 7u7

Bali April 2015 Day 1

Remember this post about Vaseline’s #SeizeTheSummer promo? With hard work, determination, and absolutely beautiful IG-worthy photo entries, three lucky girls (1 blogger, and 2 consumers) won a free trip to Bali! Had the best time bonding with blogger Nicole Aguinaldo, creative momma Mac Bergantin, and model Angel Yeo. We felt like we were on Big Brother or something because the brand rented us a house/villa with a lot of common areas. Naturally, we all got super close in that short span of time we were together. So close that writing about this after 3 months has only made me miss them more.

Hello Bali! While it’s not my first time to visit Indonesia, it’s my first time to visit Bali. I don’t know why I didn’t extend my trip to visit Bali before, lol. IT’S SO PRETTY.

Mac and double Tricias! 

Cool wall installation at our villa.

With pretty Angel.

Morning agenda - snorkelling and diving. Unfortunately, I suffer from major motion sickness so I couldn’t participate, but I made sure to take photos, and hang out with everyone on the boat for a bit.

Until my vision started getting white and hazy, lol. Nicole’s mom stayed behind so I spent the whole morning just talking to her. She’s the best! <3

Thank you to Unilever PR Girl Cheskie, and Ogilvy Senior Account Manager Tricia. These girls took care of us during the trip. Couldn’t have survived without these two. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bergantin! I am absolutely smitten with their family! Jordan and Mac take the best photos of their family and beach life in Cebu.

With one of the most hardworking bloggers I know - Nicole.

After this shot was taken, I was pretty much ready to pass out, lol 

Resuscitation by food.

HAD THE BEST CHANCE ENCOUNTER WITH MY “PURE HEART” CAROLINE OMG she and her friends happened to be in the same restaurant. 

All caps for emphasis. Haven’t seen her since our 2012 Indonesia tourism trip, but I’m so glad the universe made us meet again (albeit briefly). Definitely one of the reasons why I love Indonesia!

The area of our villa in Seminyak.

Dinner at W Retreat & Spa Bali. SO FANCY. 

(Disclaimer - I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos in Bali because I was being such a bad blogger, going into total OFF mode. But I had my first proper vacation in a long time, thanks to Vaseline!)

We spent the whole night here, at Woo Bar. Pizza and drinks for everyone!

Appreciating the view with these girls! Obviously, someone didn’t get the memo about wearing colorful prints.

Water and earth.

Obligatory silhouette photo. I actually had no intentions of having my photos taken like this, but I was in the middle of taking Laureen’s photos and she volunteered to take some for me. So I was like, okay, lol I didn’t bring a swimsuit, and I didn’t really fix up but suuuure haha

Bali = heaven

Magical pastel sunset. I could see why people are so engrossed with this place. 

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[EN] gexahord-us: Apple Beam: Aaah! Freaking hedgehog! *runs by while screaming wildly*

        in-the-box: Wow, what a handsome and saucy blond-head. Watch out, if you break in another’s answers too much, you’ll get bitten by a hedgehog c:

[Tha-a-at gu-u-uy] ~ There aren’t only hedgehogs who can bite, you know!

[Grumphead Photobomb] ~ Asshole.

[gexahord-us] WE WILL DIE

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