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Hey, I'm pretty new to xmen, but Kurt is 1000% my fave. I was wondering which comics I should read to get more of his story! I love your blog too great stuff

Okay, first of all: there are too many books he appears in, so I just tried to list some important ones (and this not even close to listing everything!) And if you want to simply read books he is in, you really need to go through many team books.

The easy part, Nightcrawler series:

- Nightcrawler (1985-1986) - 4 issue
- Nightcrawler Vol 2 (2002-2002)- 4 issue
- Nightcrawler Vol 3 (2004-2006) - 12 issue
- Nightcrawler Vol 4 (2014-2015) - 12 issue

- X-Men: Manifest Destiny Nightcrawler #1 (May, 2009)
- X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler #1 (May, 2010)


Some important appearance/story from the beginning until now:

- Uncanny X-Men: start with his first appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975) but I’d say read UXM of 80’s.
(AND/OR read Classic X-Men, which is a reprint of uncanny issues, but with new panels/stories!
-Classic X-Men #1-45,
-X-Men Classic #46-110)

- Excalibur (1988-1998) - a must

(After Excalibur he’s in Uncanny X-Men again - from 1998, so you can continue here )

- in 2003 he gets an origin story ‘Draco’ in Uncanny X-Men by Chuck Austen (but you need to know, it’s one of the most hated X-Men stories. For reasons.)
Chuck Austen’s run on UXM: #410-441, and Draco: #428-434 (2003)
(And before Chuck Austen, the priest story happend.)

- Uncanny X-Men by Chris Claremont from #444 (2004) (better story, good art)

- X-Men: Second Coming related books (2010) - (he dies here)

- Amazing X-Men (2014) 19 issues (resurrected) - a must
( the last solo series begins in 2014 too)

- Extraordinary X-Men (2015) -  (it’s not the best Nightcrawler story again…)

- X-Men Gold - current X-book  - (it’s ok so far)


Significant Issues: (by marvel universe wiki)

Killed foster brother (X-Men Annual #4, 1980);
first joined X-Men (Giant-Size X-Men #1, 1975);
first used image inducer (Classic X-Men #4, 1986);
first blended with shadows (X-Men #102, 1976);
first encountered Mystique (X-Men #141, 1981);
injured by Marauders (Uncanny X-Men #211, 1986);
co-founded Excalibur (Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn, 1988);
regained full powers (Excalibur #37, 1991);
formed N-Men (Excalibur #45, 1991);
learned Mystique is mother (X-Men Unlimited #4, 1994);
rejoined X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #360/X-Men #80, 1998);
first seen studying for priesthood (X-Men #100, 2000);
first encountered Supreme Pontiff (Uncanny X-Men #400, 2001);
quit priesthood (Uncanny X-Men #419, 2003);
learned Azazel is father (Uncanny X-Men #432, 2003);
died (X-Force #26, 2010)


A few issues I can think of and recommend:

(there’s definitely much more!)

- Amazing Spider-man 161 & 162  (1976)
- Guardians Team-Up #6 (2015)
- Deadpool/Spider-Man  #14 (2016)
- Deadpool (2012) #27 (wedding)
- Nation X #1 (2009) - (road trip)
- Wolverine (2003) #6 - (I don’t need to say anything here :D)
- Axis revolution #2
- Classic X-Men #4 - The Big Dare!
- Male Bonding (Marvel Comics Presents, #101 - 108) (with Wolverine)
- Wolverine weapon X #16 (2009)
- Death of Wolverine: Life after Logan (2014)
- Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #17 (2017)
- Exiles #28-30 (2001) - (meets his daughter from another universe)
- Bizarre adventue  #27 (1981) (mentioned in his first solo series)
- What If? Vol 2 #98 (if Mystique had raised Kurt)
- Uncanny X-Men #204


A comic made exclusively for the movie: X-Men 2 (2003):

X-Men 2: Nightcrawler - Official Movie Prequel


Alternate univers Kurt

(this is not in order)

- Kurt Darkholme / Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler (Killer version of Nightcrawler):
Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 ,
X-Termination 1 & 2,
Age of Apocalypse Vol 1,
Astonishing X-Men Vol 3

- Kurt Waggoner (Kid version of Nightcrawler):
X-Treme X-Men Vol 2
Astonishhing X-Men Vol 3


And lastly here’s another longer list of important issues about Kurt that are worth a read:



I hope it helps. If anyone wants to add something to the list, please do!
I might’ve made mistakes; in that case let me know.

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So I read UXM annual 14 after looking at Rachel Grey’s wiki page and seeing that Scott may not actually be her dad. You think someone might return to this little plot or you think its better to leave it forgotten?

I think that that got addressed in Excalibur with this thing where Rachel was the child of the Phoenix itself. Much like every other important Phoenix plot that happened in Excalibur, it got quickly forgotten and never mentioned again.

  • “You’re next.”
  • “The man/woman I most admire in the entire world is ______.”
  • “Everybody loves the Avengers.”
  • “I don’t think I would handle it well.”
  • “I think I would freak out.”
  • “That seems pretty lazy.”
  • “You are coming with us.”
  • “I don’t think that’s going to happen.”
  • “I don’t think “wow” sufficiently covers it.”
  • “I’m trying not to look him right in the eye.”
  • “I can’t stop looking him in the eye.”
  • “Now I can’t stop.”
  • “Why is he wearing armor?”
  • “That makes no sense.”
  • “You have a lot to answer for.”
  • “I’d really like to hear this.”
  • “Take responsibility for the things that you’ve done!”
  • “I did! I made a mistake and I fixed it.”
  • “Now it’s your turn to take responsibility.”
  • “Could you give us a minute?”
  • “I want you to be ready.”
  • “Did he actually call a time-out?”
  • “First of all, you couldn’t kill him.”
  • “Well, whatever you’re about to do, you can’t do it dressed like that.”
  • “You know I respect you.”
  • “Can’t we just do t his calmly? Nicely?”
  • “He wants to charge me with murder “nicely”?”
  • “You act like we are running around looking for a fight!”
  • “We’re trying to help our people.”
  • “If you are a mutant in this world, you are guilty until proven innocent.”
  • “They will do everything they can to knock you down.”
  • “Well, that’s just a big pile of shit.”
  • “I am not going to have my people treated that way!”
  • “Shame on you for not seeing that!”
  • “Shame on you, _____.”
  • “By doing nothing, you are as guilty as the worst one of them.”
  • “There is a real problem on this planet and every new mutant that pops up s hines a real spotlight on it.”
  • “If you think for a second that I’m going to back down from helping my people…”
  • “You have to understand we live in a world where people fear things they don’t understand.”
  • “I don’t care what you think you know.”
  • “My people need help and they need it all over the world.”
  • “You can get the hell out of my way.”
  • “No one is trying to kill you.”
  • “You don’t bring a Hulk for nothing.”
  • “Avengers…go to hell.”
  • “Go to hell.”
  • “What did you just do?!”
  • “Well done, young one. You get to pick dinner.”
  • “She did that?”
  • “That is impressive.”
  • “You see what they are capable of?!”
  • “These are the best of the best.”
  • “Even they won’t fight for us or let us fight for ourselves.”
  • “No one else is going to do it for us, we have to fight for ourselves.”
  • “If you need help, we will be there to help you.”
  • "We will fight for you too.”
  • “The fight is coming to you.”
  • “How do you think you’ll do?”
  • “Are they going to be stuck like that forever?”
  • “I’m sure they’ll be fine once we leave.”
  • “You’re leaving again?”
  • “I don’t know where you are.”
  • “See how easy that will be?”
  • “Did I do something wrong?”
  • “Did I do this to you?”
  • “That’s not what I mean.”
  • “Maybe if I went to church.”
  • “Don’t say stuff like that.”
  • “She’s very talented.”
  • “You’re a lucky woman.”
  • “Don’t sell my stuff.”
  • “You held it together like pros.”
  • “What was that?!”
  • “Don’t be so impressed, kid.”
  • “They wanted to arrest you or take you down.”
  • “They knew we were coming.”
  • “No giant mutant-killing robots this time, so there’s that.”
  • “They don’t stake out. They’re the response team.”
  • “We didn’t even know we were going until we decided to go.”
  • “Someone told them we were coming.”
  • “Let’s have this conversation outside.”
  • “I’m about to lose it.”
  • “How could you?”
  • “What is happening?”
  • “I’m not sure, but I think the old guy set us up.”
  • “We were victims.”
  • “They are the United States government and I don’t believe them.”
  • “I want to know exactly who is to blame and where they are.”
  • “Of course they would never trust me.”
  • “I had to give them something.”
  • “When were you going to fill us in on this little side project of  yours?”
  • “This is so much better than Netflix.”
  • “This is unacceptable.”
  • “I think it’s best that you leave.”
  • “No…it’s pretty much brilliant.”
  • “If I told you before now, you would’ve blown my cover.”
  • “Now they know they can trust me.”
  • “We have to do things as a team.”
  • “You keep referring to yourself as our leader but I don’t remember voting.”
  • “I think you’re only telling us this now because a child could figure out it was you who sold us out.”
  • “They are looking to destroy us.”
  • “We have to do things they don’t expect.”
  • “We have to surprise even ourselves.”
  • “I think, all things considered, this went very well.”
  • “I have no idea how I did that.”
  • “What do I do here?”
  • “What do I do with him?”
  • “You should go with this.”
  • “I don’t need him to exact my revenge on you.”
  • “We’re going to be famous.”
  • “Seems like a wasted opportunity.”
  • “We should be doing something with it.”
  • “We can clog all the toilets and switch their underwear drawers.”
  • “You’re leaving us here by ourselves?”
  • “Where are you going?”
  • “To me, my X-Men.”