• me:i dislike and distrust cis people because they hold systematic power over me and others like me, and many of them have used that power to hurt me and others like me.
  • someone, often cis:uwu stop hating people for something they cant help!!!! uwuwuwuwu you cant help being a trans*gender as much as he/she cant help being cis uwu!!! dont hate it doesn't help people accept you uwuwuwu!!! uwu
  • me:i hate cis people

im losing it at all these marvel bloggers makin posts like “dont let the BIG MEANIES get you down for not thinking AoU was racist and tht it was perfect in every way uwuwuwu!!!! there is NOTHING wrong with whitewashing but there is everything wrong with making me feel bad about it!! wuw”

Minho looked at Thomas, a serious expression on his face. “If I don’t see you on the other side,” he said in a sappy voice, “remember that I love you.”

i’d say i was sorry but i’m really not oisnfdlks

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Fake married mckirk where the locals wont deal with unmarried people, and Jim and bones are the most likely pair so they get sent down. And Jim thinks on their second day there that it isn't so bad. In fact he likes it, loves it even - being able to hold Bones' hand and kiss him and he wishes he could do it normally - and he realises he has a thing for Bones and naturally he freaks out because of Bones history, and how he's avoided all relationships for years 1/?

And he’s so mad because of course the one person he really cares about would be someone who couldn’t be seduced by his charms. And maybe at the end of their visit he lets it slip, that he’s enjoyed this and wouldnt mind a date or too. And he can feel Bones freeze beside him and he’s ready for the gentle let down but it still hurts - but it doesn’t happen. Bones pulls him around to look at him and Jim could get lost in those eyes. “Jim, I need you to be serious do you mean that?” and Jim nods, but he’s also unsure about what’s happening and kind of hopeful that this might go his way, “because I’ve been in love with you for a real long time kid,” and Jim’s never seen him look so goddamned happy before - that’s why he never dated and Jim feels so stupid for not noticing but also elated because he has him now, and he kisses Bones on the mouth and Jim kisses right back. And Bones has never been so excited because he never thought Jim would feel that way, at least never seriously. And spending a week with him cosying up to him, pretending to be his husband only made it more apparent to Bones what he wanted, and what he couldn’t have. And to have the chance now was something he never considered, but holding Jim in his arms just feels so right, and his lips against his are even better.

I really want to kiss you rn