uwu chu

morty: you know??? uwu’’’ chu take me tew all these cwazy pwaces acwoss teh galaxy and u know,,,, i dunt weally have anything 2 wemember all those trips by…….. :c it’d be kind of coolzz x3….. like a souvenir, yew knowz ???? UWU~ likeees omigosh what if u passed away! or died or something O____O!!! i wouldn’t even have anything 2 wemember all the cool stuff we did, chu know…… uwu”””~

rick: okay 60 for the resonator and my grandson wants the sex robot.

ajsimaginingthis  asked:

Henlo! I have sum questions about your new fic. Reader is an alien right? Do you know what they look like in their true form? Have you drew it? Cuz I've een drawing lately and, well,,, I drew sum alien reader. That was fun, but what do they look like??? Description maybe??? I mean, ish up to you. Also, if I were dating you, I'd try and treat you well and always make sure chu okay uwu

There’s not really much of a description for the alien form tbh. The way I’m writing them is that their species consists of shape shifters, which is why they’re able to look human so easily

But in general, they’re humanoid space goop. Like, you know how gaster is void goop???? Alien is space goop. 

I have a post here with examples uwu

Honestly, I made them a shapeshifter so that the alien can look however the hell anyone wants them to look. But they’re default state is the space goop in the post above