uwu a princess

is this what the cool kids call amine? 🌸

i know everyone loves all those “uwu soft flower crown princess” mermaids, but please consider:
- mermaids who aren’t ‘conventionally attractive’
- mermaids with huge fangs or no noses
- mermaids with multicolour skin who blend into the reefs
- mermaids with rough/rocky dark skin with barnacles on them that help them blend into the stone to ambush prey
- mermaids with wispy tails and tons of flowy fins to blend in with the swaying vegetation
- mermaids who are bald or have poisonous tendrils on their head
- completely white, blind mermaids who live in the unfathomably deep waters, their skin never seeing sunlight
- inky black mermaids with bioluminescent scales [and/or] fins who attract prey with their glow
- mermaids who are feral and feared, with spikes on their backs and razor sharp claws
- mermaids with gills on their faces
- mermaids covered in jewelry that’s fallen into the waters, so much so that you can hardly see their bodies
- mermaids that claim sunken ships, and kill anyone/thing that enters their territory
- mermaids swiming in clusters of their kind, or isolated mermaids that live/hunt alone
- mermaids that live in the walls of trenches, in the seemingly endless cave systems

- mermaids that vary in size, (giant whale mermaids, tiny shrimp mermaids)

literally any kind of mermaid that isn’t your average disney stereotype.

(also pls feel free to add your own!)

anyway, gotta love that double standard in this fandom, ey?

vilde is constantly, constantly, being racist, ignorant, islamophobic to sana. in fact she’s been this ignorant since season 1. she’s been so rude at certain times. she’s stepped out of line so many times, and not just with sana, but with isak too. but, hey, she can still get all the chances in the world, right? bc she’s a “uwu soft pastel pink princess”. yeah, sure, give her all the chances, right???? despite being told by sana time and time again when she’s corrected her in the past, vilde STILL remains ignorant. but noooo, she gets all the chances.

last week, lol, more than 75% of this fandom were villainising, dehumanising, belittling, reducing even, when we found out he knew sana. y'all were calling him a manipulative liar, using isak as a rebound, a serial cheater, being ableist and biphobic as hell, even after y'all did the same thing to him in s3 and y'all found out he had bipolar. his struggles were already somewhat known, yet y'all still demonized him. don’t you dare deny that you weren’t. but what happened after friday’s clip? we got to know the full story and now everyone’s back on the “we love even!!!1111!!! never hated him ever!!!!” bandwagon again.

y'all literally slaughter sana at every chance you get. whether it be in 4:10 from last season, despite her apologising to isak and learning in 8:10. y'all called her a sly manipulative distrusting friend to isak when even and sana’s past came out. y'all slaughtered her for unfriending yousef bc your precious little romance was looking to be sinking like the fucking titanic, instead of understanding her struggle. but oh nooo, now y'all are back onto loving her once again, hey????? bc she’s googling “why can’t muslims marry non muslims?” and now that your precious little romance looks to be back on track, hmmmm????? lol i’m just waiting for y'all to turn on her once again tbh bc i know its gonna happen.

so, mikael reacts in the wrong manner. he freaked out when his best friend just all of a sudden made a pass at him bc he wasn’t expecting that. he was 17. he too had religion as a conflict for him. he stepped back. that was his mistake. he fucked up. yes you can say that he did wrong. call him out on his mistake. but y'all are slaughtering him?? y'all are calling him a rat and telling him to choke and die?? y'all are forgetting every other thing we learnt about mikael, that he and even were best friends, still has his number, doesn’t want the world to know about what happened bc its only gonna hurt everyone if the past is rehashed once again. y'all are out here calling muslims “extremists and vile homophobes”. and we haven’t even heard the guy give his side of the story yet!!!!???? but ya sure forgive magnus for spouting homophobic bullshit. its okay when he does it.

the double standard in this fandom is …. disgusting. and we all know exactly why that double standard exists.

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local dead kid smiles and everyone cries

some of y’all: allura is a strong buff violent butch woman always ready to kick ass and take no shit!!! she’s so ghetto!!! no words only FISTS!! she can beat my ass into a coma and rob me oh yeah!!!

others: no no no!!! allura is a dainty fragile princess uwu,,,so soft,,,,she never uses physical violence she’s a smol bean cinnamon roll uwu,,,too pure,,,don’t u ever make her use violence that’s racist

me, an intellectual: much of allura’s appeal lies in the fact that she is kind, gentle, and diplomatic, but also has the ability to be extremely powerful. when faced with enemies that words will not work against, she uses amazing amounts of physical strength against them. she shows that one can be feminine but strong at the same time, and kindness does not equal weakness, which is frankly inspiring and makes me so happy little girls have her to look up to. people can and should appreciate both her femininity and her strength, and while they should be wary of language they use for black characters, doing so is not necessarily antiblack if they’re speaking indiscriminately. but it’s easier for me to just say allura’s pretty and i’m gay and would be honored if she beat me up, cause i like pretty girls that can beat me up