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What is your opinion on chicken nuggets?

I don’t really eat them very often but i tend to avoid eating it because I don’t really like the taste all that much…

Favorite video game/series?

Halo series, up until 4 I guess. Those were the ones that i got the chance to play. It was one of the first video games i played.

Your super smash bros. main?

Marth most of the time, i also play Corrin and Zero Suit

Favorite school subject/major?

Probably biology, but i like art too.

Favorite musical instrument?


What art style do you like?

hmmm. I like anime art style and semi realistic. i’m not sure i like alot of different things :/

How many friends do you like to hang out with at once?

somewhere around 3-6 i guess. mostly a small group of people.

Funniest pun/joke?

I hope you’re beary pre-beared for my bear puns (thank you hiimdaisy)

Most awkward moment?

when someone walks in on me when i’m drawing, or when i catch someone looking through my sketchbook.

Opinion on popcorn?

I like popcorn, i tend to eat the whole bag without noticing tho..

Do you have a pet? What kind?

I have a dog, he is a maltese mixed with poodle. He is really cute ^-^

My questions:

1) Favorite pokemon?

2) What do you like to draw with? or if you don’t draw what do you like to see drawings of?

3)Favorite quote?

4)Pancakes, waffles or french toast?

5)Do you like to sing?

6)Favorite book/comic?

7)Hogwarts house?

8)Opinion on tacos?

9)Are you good at math?

10)Favorite time of day?

11)What do you do as a pastime?

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