United We Spy Countdown

Day 02: Your favourite quote

“Women of the Gallagher Academy, who comes here?” she asked. 

Just then, every girl at every table (even the newbies) stood and said in unison, “We are the sisters of Gillian.” 

“Why do you come?” my mother asked. 

To learn her skills. Honor her sword. And keep her secrets.“ 

"To what end do you work?" 

"To the cause of justice and light." 

"How long will you strive?" 

"For all the days of our lives,” we finished and I felt a little like a character in one of my grandma’s soap operas.


United We Spy Countdown

Day 03: Your favourite subject at Gallagher → Culture and Assimilation

“Culture and Assimilation has been a part of the Gallagher curriculum for more than a hundred years, Zach.”

We turned down the corridor to the tea room. “A Gallagher Girl can blend into any culture—any environment. Assimilation isn’t a matter of social graces.” I stopped in the hallway with my hand against the door frame. “It’s a matter of life and death.”


  day one: your favorite book → united we spy

“So aren’t you…curious?”

"About what?”

“About life. Out there. Life!” she said again. “Tell me, Cameron Ann Morgan, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

We’d reached another door, and I stopped and I looked up at the camera that monitored the entrance, just as I whispered, “Alive.”

UK United We Spy Countdown: Day 2

2) Your favourite quote

This one. It’s just one of those lines that pop out at you as important for the flow of the series. It’s interesting that Cammie used the word ‘spy’ to describe herself instead of 'operative’, but maybe that’s what she’s trying to say. The typical depiction of a spy isn’t all action and glamour. It’s hard work, effort and most of all: a performance. Not to themselves, but to the people they don’t want seeing the real them. Oh and ‘But that’s what spies do - we pretend’ used to be my blog title.


day two: your favorite quote → “there are six reasons anyone does anything”

What, ladies” - he took a step, scanning the dim room - “is almost always tied to why. There are six reasons anyone does anything: Love. Faith. Greed. Boredom. Fear…” he said, ticking them off on his fingers; but he lingered on the last, drawing a deep breath before he said, “Revenge.”


day three: your favorite class → covert operations

But Bex and I didn’t have Advanced Organic Chemistry. Bex and I had Covert Operations. From that moment on, the two of us were going to be training for a life of missions and fieldwork while Liz prepared for a career in a lab or an office. I thought about the forms we’d filled out last semester, the choice I’d made to walk away from any hope of a safe, normal life - from boys like Josh.

UK United We Spy Countdown: Day 1 (RELEASE DATE!)

1) Your favourite book.

Only the Good Spy Young, because when I read it most of the things I predicted became true. I just really like that book because of how Cammie begins to fully understand Zach. The secrets he keeps are slowly thinning out and she’s seeing Zach for who he really is. The Joe/Cammie moments are so lovely because of how he fathers her and cares for her. He doesn’t want to lose Cammie, so goes to great lengths to get away from the CIA and the Circle. It’s wonderful and terrifying (thinking about his safety) at the same time.