United Women in Business- Spring Cleaning Savvy Girl’s Guide to Social Media

Social media plays a huge role in people’s everyday lives. In fact, our online personalities can define us more than one thinks. This was the subject of the panel that United Women in Business hosted a few weeks ago, featuring co-founder of Small Girls PR, Bianca Caampued - alongside Jenny Blake, Ashley Williams of Wix.com, and Alyssa Merwin of LinkedIn.

While the conversation during the panel stemmed around managing your social media presence to help you in your career, Bianca’s main message was not to compromise your personality or interests on social media in order to portray a censored version of yourself.  

She recounted her days of when partying was a huge part of her personal brand- something that might be deemed controversial in the corporate world but was actually useful in starting Small Girls PR due to the networking and event planning/attending that is a huge part of this business.  

If you share what you love on social media, it could lead to a career you might never have imagined.  You’re building your audience of people who are like-minded and care about the same things you do, which could be beneficial to a company who wants to tap you for your passions. (Of course there’s always a fine line between internet appropriate and over-sharing, that calls for a common sense.)

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