Art trade with @whipbogard (Whippy!!!) They wanted Supes giving Bats a present! Since Bruce spoils Clark oh so much, Clark wanted to do something for him. Now, he lives in a tiny apartment where he makes a part-time reporter’s salary (in a world where no one reads newspapers), chocolates wrapped in the shape of a teddy bear was the least he could do~

I hope chu liiiiike it!!!! Q///Q

Art trade with @sghg181!!! Bu chan wanted a superbat princess hug! Bats is Clark’s princess…unwillingly of course. Uwahhhh! I hope you like Q///Q! Thank you for doing this trade with me <3

A big thanks to @thedesertviking for helping me with proportions!

Juri (Tenimyu 1st Season’s Akutsu, France in the upcoming Hetalia musical, etc) got married!!  He just posted a blog entry about it:

Thank you very much for always supporting me.

Today, November 22nd
I would like to announce that I have registered my marriage to the actress Ono Maaya-san.
We met through a play, and I’m very happy we were able to reach this point.
I hope we can support each other, and build a fun, bright, and happy home together from now on.

To all of my supporters
Thank you very much for cheering me on even though I’m still inexperienced.  I can’t tell you how much courage your support has given me.  I will work even harder and more diligently from now on, so please continue to guide me and encourage me.



(Incidentally, his wife, Ono Maaya, is fellow myuboy Ono Kento’s older sister. eehhhhhhhh XD)

Last Note isn’t dead uwahhhh

I don’t know if anyone translated this but I’ll tell what I know because why not. Feel free to correct me, add things or link a full translation of the notice-thing-idk

1. Houkago Kakumei : un:c x gero
2. Bouken no Sho ga Kiemashita! : kano x lon
3. trick and treat : amatsuki x aho no sakata
4. Gensou-kei sekai shuufuku shoujo (??) : sou x kain
5. Jabberwocky Jabberwocka : mafumafu x mafuko (??) (idk who is this person i’m sorry)
6. Kakushinteki Heroism : soraru x uratanuki

Release : 16/8 (in 6 days uwah)

(i’m really sorry for all the mistakes if there’s any) (really really sorry) (i’m just… like… “UWAHHHHHHHHHH” so I wanted to share and I don’t know if anyone has done this yet)

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Or Obi-Wan is on an outerrim planet for a mission (Qui-Gon is suppose to meet him on planet) and he gets talked into playing a card game and wins, only to find out a baby slave was part of the pot. So now he owns an adorable force baby

Well it’s not like he’s going to GIVE HIM BACK so obviously he DOES now own an adorable Force baby and just–why. Why is this his life. How is he explaining this to Master Qui-Gon, HOW. Forcedammit, these things never happen to any of the OTHER padawans. 

bb!Anakin meanwhile is like “uwahhhh sparkly Force presence” riiiight up until he can’t sense his MOM’S Force presence anymore because they have moved out of range, AT WHICH POINT ALL THE CRYING and then Obi-Wan is fucking doomed, FUCK EVERYTHING, THIS WAS NOT IN ANY WAY COVERED IN HIS INITIATE CLASSES. 

This is what he gets for fucking cheating in sabacc. 

bangtan demon!au - jinmin

it can’t be a demon. there is no way jimin is a demon, seokjin thinks as he watches jimin bumble around his living room. there’s no way. definitely not. jimin’s moved on to the couch now, jumping up and down on it with the most childish expression of glee seokjin has ever seen.it’s hard to think that just minutes ago, jimin had been standing in his living room, shy as a elementary schoolgirl, asking if it was okay for him to stay with seokjin. and now jimin is this ball of energy that seems to have no end. 

“waaaaaaaaah” jimin squeals, “this is so soft seokjin what is this what is this what is this?” seokjin fights the urge to facepalm.

“it’s…a couch, jimin. do you not have couches in hell?” jimin plops down on it.

“nope, we only have thrones in hell.” jimin lays down on the couch and rolls around a little bit. “uwahhhh so soft~” then he sits up and blinks at seokjin. “do you have food? i’m hungry.”

seokjin closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. there’s no need to get snappy with a 5 year old child even if it is supposedly a demon and is currently in the body of a young adult. seokjin’s known for his patience. he can get through this.


“seokjin?” seokjin is so known for his patience, he needs a goddamn award for his patience because it is 2 in the morning and seokjin has work tomorrow.

“what, jimin?” seokjin says, as calm as you please, turning his head to the door. his annoyance turns to jelly though when he sees jimin standing there, shy and small, eyes big and innocent.

“can i sleep with you? it’s cold,” jimin mumbles, eyes on his feet. his wings twitch a little as if nervous. seokjin sighs and lifts up his covers and jimin lets out a little squeal and tumbles in, tucking himself in as quick as you please, and snuggling against seokjin’s side.

“it’s not even that cold,” seokjin says, but makes no move to push jimin away. 

“it’s always hot in hell,” jimin mumbles, already sleepy against seokjin’s side, his fingers curled in seokjin’s sleeping shirt. “you’re really warm.” and with that, he’s asleep, breaths slow and even.

seokjin is known for his patience. but he’s also known for his terribly soft spot for cute things and jimin is undeniably adorable.

“night, jimin.”


AU where Danny loses his memories of his being phantom every time he reverts back to being human, and is therefore completely unaware that he’s half ghost. His parents, Jazz, Sam and Tucker all know this, but fear telling him as they cannot know how his ‘Human’ personality would react to his ‘Phantom’ one.

‘Phantom’ is a subconcious instinct that tells him to go ghost.

Also Phantom has Danny’s memories, and therefore dreads changing back every time because maybe there could have been some significant things happening while he was Phantom, and that is often the case.

And maybe Jazz could tell Phantom to write everything down or record himself or whatever just in case Danny does find out one day.

Uwahhhh I love this yayyyy

Update: My thumbs are tapping away on Evernote. It appears something is happening when I should be sleeping.

Also I have no idea whether this has been done before so woohoo yeah

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Sorry if that submission was too sappy

DON’T APOLOGIZE OMG YOU MADE MY DAY ?????? Uwahhhhhhh tHANK YOU, YOU LOVELY WONDERFUL BEAN???????? You’re such a sweetheart ohmygoshhhhhh thank you for making me smile like a fool in the middle of a work day uwahhhh

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