UWAAA IM LATE! uuu HEY YUSEIRRA! IM SORRY IM SO LATE OMG I promised myself to submit this before you go online to surprise you but uuhgghgh bad luck (scanner wont work and the camera’s out of battery ughghhhg) so yea here you go! as you have requested!!! a kano and/or ayano!!! i hope you like it and take caree~!

OOOOOOH MY GOD THIS IS QUALITY??? This is quality you know dennou how-;;; It looks so pretty…I’m…;;v;; thank you so much uwaaah ayano’s eyes you know and kano looks so kano this is better than what I thought it would be *hugs* even those little details in the background-

This looks beautiful thanks ;v; t..those lines and folds and shades I’m really happy they look gorgeous is this really for me 0///////0