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Well I wanted to write....

Yeah, I wanted to write absolute crack dealing with “Will of D.” and Eggnog (THAT IS DELICIOUS OKAY?!) and so far… I got nothing! ABSOLUTE NOTHING!

Like it has to have both Ace and Law, because seriously Ace needs to be in there while he drags Law along for the [hell]ride, and crew doing something with Eggnog… But I got nothing! No plot, even if crack no needs plot, no start point… No inspiration, nothing…

;~; I need assistance from my namaka-in-booty TT^TT

Know Your Followers Tag!

Because we all have followers and/or mutuals we want know better but are too chicken to.

Tagged by @yukiejun @towa-no-ame @the-m3ntalpalace ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) (You guys don’t know how happy I am to be tagged a second time. すごくドキドキする)

Nickname(s): Nicole (Tho I’m very used to Meiko by now. My name at work)
Birthday, star sign: August 30, Virgo
Age: twentyone
Height: 5′ (Oh my glob Maddie and Zenith are taller than me TwT hahaha)
City: Cavite, Philippines
Nationality: Filipina

Favourite colour: Still gonna answer RedPurple combi.
Hobbies: Blogging, researching news for work.
Current obsession: Arashi ♥ Work ♥ Blogging
Hogwarts house: I’d say Hufflepuff
Your catchphrase: “Anyways”, “What do you call this? (thinking of simpler word)”
Pet peeve(s): When you’re trying to get on a public vehicle and the vehicle just moves when you’re about to step in. Like can’t they wait 5 seconds for you to be even in the vehicle?
Personal motto:   “As much as possible, say ‘yes’ to new opportunities.“

Last person you hugged?: A co worker I only see during the weekends.
Last thing you Googled? Maybe Tomorrow < A song my student wanted me to listen to
What’s the thing on your right?: Efan.
What time is it now?: 21:59
What’s the weather like? VERY VERY VERY HOT!
Last thing you said?: “Atsui”

Something you’re grateful for: That people even notice me. I feel really happy to know everyone.
Something nice that happened today: A student of mine complimented me and @towa-no-ame said she wanted to meet me. :”>
Something that’s bothering you: If I could be able to move out of my granda’s house and still be able to save money to go back to college.

Now, tell us five things fun facts about yourself!

1. Born left-handed but right-ed. So basically I have 2 very uncooperative hands.
2. I really feel like I have a blogger blood. I mean I have a personal blog that I post on almost everyday now.
3. Some people call my face ‘immortal’ because I have baby face
4. I actually feel more comfortable if I see my bed in a clutter. Only my bed. Not other places.
5. saying facts is hard I’m INFP

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Dani, I wanted to say you're very beautiful and you make me smile. Also I haven't been on your blog in a while but omg I love you theme. ily cutie <3

lsflasdjf;lkasjdf;lkjsl;fakjd  I LOVE YOU TOO sweet Nonnie

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Berdengguhit-chama, so what are your OTPs~? At least in Basara?

Umm, uuuuuuuum…! Omg are you sure you’re asking me about this?! O///o;; I’ll put it under the cut coz I think after posting this I’ll lose 100 followers??? @U@;; (but, no worries, Anon-dono. It’s not your fault. XD
And aaaaaah Berdengguhit-chama. /)/////(\

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLEENA-san !!!!!!!!!!!!!
;u;) and おつかれさまでした for translating voca-related things ;//u//;)  you’re so amazing.!!!!!! I hope your wishes come true and have a great dayyyy 


Thank you so much!!!! I hope you have an ultra great day, too~