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Did some more two-page 4x6" spreads of some SW folks. I’m going to try to finish out the middles now that I’ve scanned them, make them into single pieces instead of these diptychs before I put the originals up on my store.

Still to do (maybe): Jyn & K2SO w/ Uwing, The REBELS crew w/ the Ghost, Rogue One Mrs Hudson and Mustache General w/ X-Wing, Terek and the marauders w/ castle and stumpy T-rex fishhead monster, Admiral Raddus and his big flagship.

To Brighten Up Our Monday, We Are Again Talking About...

The ultimate headcanon for how Emma finds Killian in the Underworld. 

Part 1             Part 2             Part 3

Enjoy shipmates! Hopefully this little fluff bit makes it easier to get through your Monday! Love you all :) 


They’re in the boat that crosses the River Styx, homeward bound. The night is ice cold, the fog thick. Emma reaches for Killian’s hand, but finds only empty air. She searches for him frantically, but can’t find him. She can’t find anyone. She’s alone in the boat. Her heartbeat accelerates, and she peers out into the water in panic, just in time to see his hook, flailing above the waves. An unseen demon is pulling him down, water is filling his lungs and it feels as though lead is filling hers. She prepares to jump in the water, but she finds she is chained to the boat, thick metal encircling her wrists and her-

“Emma? Emma, wake up, love,” she hears, as she jolts awake, gasping for air. Tears have dampened her face. At first she thinks the words she heard were her imagination, but as she feels Killian’s arms tighten around her, she remembers where they are. She wriggles in his arms, needing to see his face. “I’m here, Swan,” he says gently, pressing a kiss to her nose, “It was only a nightmare, sweetheart. We’re safe.”

She nods, taking a deep breath and keeping her eyes locked on his. His gaze is dripping with love and concern for her, and she can feel herself melting against his bare chest, the fear she felt from the dream being quickly chased away. She strokes his chest with her fingertips, scratching gently at the soft, warm hair there. She sniffles once before speaking. “I love you,” she says, never wanting to waste an opportunity to tell him, “and I’m sorry I woke you.”

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