In my frustration, and anger, I accidentally broke the camera that F and I took with us on our vacation before the portal test. 

I salvaged what film I could and made these

anonymous asked:

What do yo hate kirumi and iruma.

Nothing special about Toujou, it’s just that she is part of a character archetype I really dislike and never subverts or justifies it.

For Iruma, she is there most of the time a comic relief character and her joke was funny in the first three times, but I got tired of it already before her character introduction was over. She is basically Hanamura but somehow worse. Her constant sex jokes are on his level, but instead of having his effort to look elegant, she instead has a need to unnecessarily insult other character every single sentence. 

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To top it off, her Free Time does nothing to explain her behaviour, aside from a few “I’m a genius, so I can get away with say whatever I want” lines. To be honest, that kinda makes her more like a plot device than an actual humanized character. Her feelings are barely relevant to the narrative even in her Free Time.


Overviews of EVRAZ NTMK plant in Nizhniy Tagil - one of the biggest russian steel mills. Together with UVZ (machine building plant which produces railroad carriages and tanks) and some smaller factories, this huge combine covers almost half of the town’s territory.
Currently only two blast furnaces are running at the site and two more are under demolition. Also there are two coking plants, BOF shop, numerous rolling mills, continous casters and mechanical shops.
Pictures taken in October 2014 from the roof of brand new coal injector.