No more.

Had sleep surgery a week ago. They remove both my left and right tonsils, my uvula (the thing that look like a finger dangling at the back of your tongue) and my adenoids. So all the doctors that met me told me that this is a major surgery and the pain is unbearable for an adult for this minimum 2 weeks and they will give me the best painkillers for the first few days of after surgery. Yes! The after math is really unbearable. To be honest, yes I was upset at first that my close friends didn’t visit me while I was in the hospital but surprisingly, the people I thought that would not come, they came and stayed longer. One after the other came. Thank you! And my cousin, thank you for coming despite your busy schedule accompany me till night and bought me that fluffy toy. Thank you.

Anways, I manage to go home after 2 nights in the hospital. The first night was hell as I couldn’t really breath and blood keep dripping out of my nose. There is this big tube they insert in my nose to help me breathe and get used to my new palate. You can feel the end of the tube in the back of tongue. I feel irritated most of the time. The next morning, after the the ENT Dr make the rounds to check on patient, they told me I am good and they are gonna take the tube out at noon, some ENT Dr I don’t recognise. After a few mins, Dr Ong and Dr Tay came in and check me up again, they told me they can take it out immediately. Whatever it is, I am grateful that it is off. The process of taking it out is really sickening. They put alot of aspirin( i heard that i guess) and pull it out. I can feel every movement it make. I cried. The Dr had to suck it out using this tube and thats when I really scream and cried. I didn’t really scream though but I did squeal. The Drs was nice, they would wipe away my tears and told me its gonna be okay. After a few mins, hell was over. Alhamdulillah! So days after that the pain of swallowing begain. I can’t really swallow food now. I tried swallowing porridge, mum had to crush it like it was a baby food. I tried mash potato, but my throat feel burn and irritated by it. I ate ice cream, but it builds up alot of mucus. I tried popsicle but I can’t suck. Bought pasta yesterday, what was i even thinking! one bite and i know i am regretting the whole thing. I lose 7 Kg this whole week and thats cheer me up even though I am really hungry. Now I am feeding on Milo. Hopefully it makes me full. Raya is like 2 weeks away and I hope that by the time Raya, I get to eat all those nice authentic malay food. Sigh* my stomach is grumbling. But its okay, other people had it worse than me. May Allah bless them.

Oh ya, Medicine was a dread for 4 to 5 days, mum had to pound it! But on the 6th day, I manage to swallow it. Today is my last day of medication. So far, I don’t have trouble swallowing it, but today was different, I gagged. And it was painful but bearable. Yawning and coughing is still the most painful thing to do right now. May I recover soon In Shaa Allah. Amin!

But frankly speaking, if anyone ever consider doing this surgery, please think twice. It doesn’t really help you much with snoring, but if it really hunts you, go for it and be mentally prepared for it. Even though its a day surgery, the after math of it can affect emotionally. I took it because I got no choice. My sleep study result was bad. My oxygen intake is lower than average and Dr feared that I might die in my sleep. Just feel like sharing my experience with you.

I’m done with my first week of pain, 1 more week hopefully, I can recover fully. In Shaa Allah, Amin!

Salam Ramadan🙏🏻❤️