I happened upon these silks on the path to the beach. Anti gravity yoga play ensued. There were stunning ariel dance performers all weekend long so of course I couldn’t wait to hang for a bit.

Direct your in breath into the space between your vertebrae. Exhale to surrender to gravity. Let go of all the small areas of tension including the face, the jaw, the shoulders and chest. Draw your navel to your spine for support of your back. Shake your head side to side. Have fun. Fly free.

We are the wild ones.

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dinosaur territory // Uvita, Costa Rica 2014 by © veggie

For the first time in my life I traveled across the U.S border, I was submerged into a breathtaking country filled with wild jungle and bugs the size of my index finger. I was given the opportunity to swim in waterfalls, and interact with a diverse culture that welcomed me with open arms. I walked beaches that made my entire being vibe, connecting to the very Earth. I meditated while the waves crashed against me, I took something from Costa Rica and I left a small part of soul there as a trade. My spiritual journey has taken me to a wonderful place, and I am happy to say that I will be continuing my wanderlust even further. 

“Just slow down friends … you can’t get anywhere fast. For example; If I made her ride me anywhere fast right now, I might get there really quickly, but she wouldn’t even look at me for rest of the week.”
“Tranquilo amigos … rapido no van a llegar a ninguna parte. Si la haria llevarme a alguna parte rapido, talvez yo llegaria pronto, pero ella estaria de malas toda la semana.”

met them near La Uvita, Boyacá [COLOMBIA]

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untitled. by arwed.stuerze

Heart blooming in the heart of the rainforest. Selva Armonia’s stunning bamboo yoga deck with panoramic view of Uvita’s whale tail beach is almost too beautiful for this yogini to handle. I’m so grateful for the loving friends who came to play and celebrate my birthday here last night. My morning practice and meditation was pure bliss. I look forward to hosting many fun retreat groups on this magical land.

Hang upside down today. Get a new perspective. Let down your hair and fly free.

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