That chapter disappointed me tbh. There was so much potential for gut wrenching angst but it was all thrown away. After years of friendship, there should be some sort of reaction to knowing your best friend is a demon and trying to kill you. And that you have to kill him. He shouldn’t be completely dead set on killing him. But nope…

I think of Na//Lu as brother and sister, but I’d rather see THEM be together than Gr//uvia. Juvia is abusive. She threatens Gray’s friends and isolates him. She also continually harasses him. Yet Gruvia is one of the biggest ships, I don’t understand it. At least with Jerza and Gajevy, they aren’t abusive anymore.
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Old pictures I did of Juvia because I don’t draw her looking badass enough.

I’m laughing so hard. Everyone is so frazzled about the hate in the gr.uvia tag and I’ve seen like only two. I just block everyone who put hate in the gr.uvia tag and apparently it works. Honestly, I’m (for the lack of a better word) so jaded from all the hate. I just don’t care. Gray did nothing wrong. Juvia did nothing wrong. They’re both precious.

i picked gray just cuz then theres more moments to choose from, i guess

anyways, this is the part where juvia brings drunk!lyon home, enjoy!

Generally, the last thing I expected close to midnight was the doorbell.

I figured I was dreaming, but then I rubbed my eyes and decided to go check the door anyways.

I dragged myself down the front steps and wondered what someone could possibly want at this time of night. Money? Our corpses? Who knows – I’d seen enough horror movies to know that sometimes not answering can lead to as much damage as actually answering.

My hand missed the doorknob twice before I actually got a good grasp on it. Then I pulled it open to discover whether or not it was time to die.

“J…uvia? What are you doing here?” I asked, she looked just as tired as me, but she had a determined look written on her face And something else too, something undetectable. Girls. Way too many emotions to keep track of.

She swng her arm upwards happily and a silly smile reached her lips “I brought you a present~”

Wow. Even I was awake enough to explore the possible sexual depth that statement held.

“Wh…at? Birthday sex?” I mumbled sleepily, knowing full well she’d realize I was joking. That’s what I liked about her – she didn’t have one of those annoying crushes on me that were so see-through I could punch  hole through them.

“Even better!” She responded cheerfully. “C’mon, you have to come to the driveway to see it…”

Jesus Christ. I could already imagine all the perverted shit that was about to happen. I mean, yeah, Juvia was my friend, but she was pretty smokin’. I certainly wasn’t blind.

“Aw, why?” I asked, realizing the instant my foot hit the driveway how tired I was.

“Cuz’ I can’t lift it without your help…” She murmured.

Oh. Well…I don’t know how to respond to that logically.

She jumped in front of Lyon’s truck (which was the only car in the vicinity…how the hell did she get here then? Lyon certainly never would have driven her here, under any circumstances, so that meant…)

“Is that…” I squinted, “…Lyon?”

“Yup. Drunk as a skunk.” She replied, tapping the car with her finger to awaken Lyon in the passenger seat.

“Oh…my god…” I breathed out, bewildered at the situation. “How did you even…”

“It’s a long story,” she cut me off. “Now help me get him out.”

I mean…I have so little to say besides what the fuck.

Graaaayyy~ your girlfriend lied to me!” Lyon slurred. I knew instantly, from both the smell of his breath and the way he spoke, that Juvia was right –he was too far crocked to be saved.

“Oh, shut up, dumbass.” Angry at his irresponsibility, I helped Juvia hoist him upwards.

He decided that would be an excellent time to throw away the use of his limbs, and he collapsed into jelly as I struggled to hold him upwards with my tired limbs. He was fucking heavy.

Wheee~” Lyon cried, as I slowly dragged his limp body back to the front door.

“Oh, god…” I lamented, pulling hi so his ankles were dragging against the rough pavement. Fuck it. He had it coming. Juvia seemed to be enjoying herself as she watched me struggle with the heavy lifting.

“Hey…hey Gray…” Lyon hiccupped my name as I opened the door. “Your girlfriend grabbed my ass…and she’s a bad kisser hehehehhh…

Um…I really don’t know what to say to that one…

“No! I mean…I was trying to get his keys. And he kind of missed my lips anyway, he just got mostly…face.” She explained quickly.

Immediately I was embarrassed. If Juvia kept being constantly barraged by Lyon’s harassment, she would probably be scared away for good and I’d have no one to assist me with college stuff. Shit. I’d better make it up to her, I can’t let her escape, now that we’ve come this far.

“Sorry you had to go through that.” I apologized sincerely.

“Trust me, I’m sorry too.” She mumbled, and for a moment I was scared that she was actually upset about it. But she shrugged and smiled, like she always did, and I felt my fear wash away with the tide.

The only big four pairing I actually ship is Gajevy. Je//rza have spoken to each other like twice since they knew each other as little kids. Their bond is far too shaky and Jellal just keeps running from his guilt, hindering it from progressing any further. Gr//uvia is just plain unhealthy. Juvia is made to revolve around Gray to the point of a creepy obsession that makes him visibly uncomfortable and wastes all the potential her character ever had. (Which is plenty, if you ask me) And while I still like Na//Lu, I can’t say i’m “into” it anymore. Mashima has messed up their original dynamic and nowadays the pairing is just about Natsu harassing Lucy by invading her space and occaisonally saving her from the bad guys. Gajevy, too, has its flaws. They felt sort of rushed and seem practically glued to each other by now, but those are mistakes Mashima makes every time when writing romance… And yes, their first encounter was obviously horrible, but canon has shown how deeply Gajeel regrets it and how much he and Levy have come to care for one another.
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miijuku  asked:

Lyon!! ❤️ ;D

Send Me A Character + ❤️ and I’ll tell you // LYON

A ship I used to dislike, but now I don’t: //

My OTP: Sherryon :3

Ship that everyone else in the fandom loves, but you don’t really like: Gra.yon, not anymore whops :x

Ship that everyone else in the fandom hates, but you love: Ly.via maybe? I know it’s not really hated but with the Gr.uvia rivalry idk man so I’m just gonna put it here bc Lyvia is p cute

My ‘they’re kind of cute, and I lowkey ship them, but I’m not too invested’ ship: Ly.redy

My Favorite BROTP: Lyon + Gray, Lyon + Chelia, Lyon + Kagura could be cool?, also Lyon + Freed muhaha

A ship that I ship, but am pretty sure no one else actually ships: Idk at the moment but I’m open for suggestions B)

why is it that erza is shipped with her childhood love but not natsu? “but lucy is natsu’s future!” gray could’ve been erza’s future, juvia didnt come around until later and even though i ship gr//uvia one could not take it seriously until tenrou. plus lisanna is not a thing of the past at all; two years later and he still hadnt gotten over her loss and still gets all blushy around her.
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