uv gel polish

The Ultimate Beauty List™

Face: -Moisturizer
-Face Mask
-Night Cream
-Resurfacing Peel
-Acne spot treatment
-Dark spot corrector
-Eye Cream
-Lip scrub
-Lip moisturizer
-Teeth whitening strips
-Face scrub
-Face steam mix
-Eye serum
-Neck serum

-Face Mask
-Night Cream
-Resurfacing Peel
-Acne spot treatment
-Dark spot corrector
-Eye Cream
-Lip scrub
-Lip moisturizer
-Teeth whitening strips
-Face scrub
-Make-up remover wipes
-Face cleanser
-Pore strips
-Blackhead remover

Face: Face primer
-Color corrector
-Translucent powder (NO flashback!)
-Contour Kit
-Beauty blender
-Powder brush
-Full-face brush
-Setting spray
-Powder 2 shades lighter than skin tone
-Powder 2 shades darker than skin tone
-Highlighting kit
-Liquid illuminator
-Oil-blotting sheets
-Pore Minimizer
-BB Cream
-Kabuki brush

Eyes: Eyelid primer
-Underye primer
-Eyeshadow (matte, metalic, cream)
-Eyeliner (liquid, pencil, and gel)
-Eyelash glue
-False eyelashes
-Eye-pencil sharpener
-Clear mascara
-Loose glitter
-Glitter primer
-C brush, blending brush, smudge brush

-Eyebrow pomade
-Eyebrow color
-Eyebrow shapers
-Eyebrow setting gel
-Angled brush

Lips: Lip primer
-Lipstick (nude, pink, and red)
-Lipgloss (clear, sheer pink, red)
-Lip pencils (nude, red, pink)
-Liquid lipstick
-Lip brush

-Nice quality wig (protect your identity!)
- Moisturizing conditioner
-Protein conditioner
-Protein Recontructor (use every six weeks)
-Stripping shampoo
-Liquid moisturizer
-Cream moisturizer
-Sealant (oil, shea butter, ect)
-Hair scissors
-Blow dryer
-Flat Iron
-Wig stand
-Bobby pins
-Hair ties
-Curling iron
-Perm rods
-Leave-in conditioner
-Denman brush
-Comb set (check to make sure they have no seams)

Skin & Body
-Body scrub
-Shaving cream
-Body oil
-Body foundation (for scars, uneven skin-tone, discoloration)
-Neck cream
-Deodorant (aluminum free)
-Shea butter
-Body cream/butter
-Skin brush (for skin brushing)

Hands & Nails:
-Acrylic tips
-Acrylic liquid
-Acrylic powder
-Nail primer
-Acetone polish remover
-Non-acetone polish remover
-Oval nail brush
-Nail polish
-Nail glitter
-Nail designs
-Nail tape
-Orange-wood stick
-Nail slippers
-Acrylic nail clippers
-Nail stencils
-3D nail art
-Base coat
-Top coat
-Lint-free wipes
-Dotting tool
-Hand cream
-Hand lotion
-Hand scrub
-Cuticle oil
-Nail oil
-Nail file
-Fine grit nail buffer
-Soft nail buffer
-Electric nail buffer
-Cotton balls
-Face masks
-Practice hand
-Gel polish
-UV curing lamp
-Nail resin
-Resin activator
-Rhinestone picker

-Foot scrub
-Foot lotion
-Foot cream
-Callous remover
-Hydrating socks

it's been a while

I’ve been so busy enjoying summer and going to school that I’ve totally neglected my blog.  I’ve learned a lot more about gels, acrylics and nail art since I started this blog.  School is hit or miss, some days I want to scream at the day students for leaving a mess for my class and other times I can’t wait to get to school to see my classmates. 

My collection of gels has expanded: Gelish, INK and now LeChat Perfect Match.  The LeChat uv brand is pretty sweet-two bottles come in the kit, one is gel and the other is the original type of polish but it’s matching (hence the name Perfect Match).  I was spoiled by one of my guys with an over sized uv lamp that fits both hands or both feet at once.  I love that it has a built in fan and 2, 3 and 4 minute timer.  Makes it so much easier not having to use the stopwatch on my iPhone. 

I’m going to try to bring my macbook to class a few times during the week to blog from school and post more photos.  I can’t wait to start doing Halloween nail art.  I’ve been searching Google for some cool ideas I can put my own spin on. 

So far I think this is my most favorite gel manicure I’ve done since I started school.  This is my friend and those are her natural nails with pink and purple french twist design.  She absolutely loved her manicure!! 

Step by step guide on how to remove your gel nail polish

Many customers who are new to gel nail often asked us how they can remove their gel nail polish at home without the need to visit the salon. 

Here’s our summary of what you need to do if you DIY at home. This method is also called the “soak off” as you soak your nail polish in acetone. 

Materials you need at home:

1. Cotton pads - you probably have cosmetic cotton pads in the house which you use for applying your toner or wiping off excess lotion. Take 2-3 pads and cut out small rectangular pieces. Each piece should be just big enough to cover the surface area of your nail. Dont forget the thumbnail is bigger than your pinkie! 8-) 

2. Aluminum foil - take a piece of aluminum foil and cut out squares big enough to wrap the top of your finger with - it is sufficient to be able to completely cover your nail area. The intent here is just to keep the acetone soaked cotton pad firmly in place for a few minutes.

3. Acetone - you need a bottle of cosmetic grade acetone which you should be able to get from a pharmacy. Regular nail polish removal cannot remove a gel nail polish (they are not easily removed or chipped, that’s why they stay so perfect for two weeks!). 

4. Cuticle stick - you usually need the cuticle stick to push down the gel after they have lifted up from your nail. They are inexpensive and you can get a pack at the pharmacy or supermarket. 

5. Cuticle Oil - for nourishing your nail after its all done

Here goes!

Step 1. Soak the cotton pads with acetone

Take a little bowl and pour a bit of acetone into the bowl and throw ten pieces of the cotton pad cutouts into the acetone to soak. 

Step 2. File your nail polish

You need to file your gel nail polish to roughen up the surface for the acetone to get into the gel nail polish easily. You are just trying to roughen the surface and you should NEVER be trying to remove the gel nail polish by filing as that will damage your nail. 

At a salon, the nail technician handling the gel removal would only lightly file down the nail. Because they do it many times a day, they typical make decisive strokes that crisscross the gel polish surface. If you do it at home, you may seem to take far more strokes. It is ok, just make sure you do not overfile and end up filing your natural nail enamel. 

Step 3. Soak the nail in acetone

Take a piece of acetone soaked cotton pad and place it onto your nail. Then wrap up your finger with a piece of aluminum foil. It should look like this when its done:

From our experience, usually by the time we finish wrapping all 10 fingers, the first finger we started out from will be ready for the gel polish removal. How completely the gel polish lifts off depends on how well you roughed up the surface before applying the acetone and also how well (or badly) you wrapped the aluminum foil. I know, can be a bit tricky wrapping them tightly when all the fingers on one hand are already wrapped. 

We strongly recommend you wrap each finger individually in foil rather than soak all your fingers in a bowl of acetone. When you soak all your fingers in acetone, you expose far more of your skin to the acetone than if you just expose your nail to the acetone through the soaked cotton pad.

Step 4. Pushing out the nail polish

When you unwrap the aluminum foil, your gel nail polish should look something like this:

Most if not all of the gel polish should have lifted up from your natural nail or curled up. You can use your cuticle stick and gently push off the the gel. Remember to also take care of the edges of the nail. This is especially important if you want to apply nail polish again straight after a removal. If the nail is not thoroughly cleaned of the old nail polish, the surface of the nail is not smooth and your new gel polish is more likely to peel off in less than two weeks. 

If you remove the foil and a lot of the gel nail polish is still on the nail, just wrap it back up and wait a few more minutes. If almost no gel has lifted up from your nail, then you probably didnt filed down the gel sufficiently before you soaked. You can either file again and start over or soak for longer than usual. 

Step 5. Nourish and Clean

After removal, remember to trim your nails and your cuticle and apply cuticle oil. Acetone can be very drying on the skin and your cuticle is the area that had come into contact with the acetone during the soak off. 

If you don’t like the smell of the small bowl of acetone, you can also get the acetone in a push down container and just press down to release a small amount of acetone each time you need to wet a cotton pad. We have those at the salon as well and its quite popular with customers who only get a gel polish for special occasions and do not want to make a trip back to us just for gel removal. 

Or you can always get the polish professionally removed at our salon. Just give us a call at 6836 5920 to make an appointment! 8-)