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Saving Kittens Thing

Bleeding heart James Potter does his level best to save seven cats from a terrible fate, but Lily Evans, his heartless monster fiancée, tries to thwart him at every turn.

week one.

Lily Evans to James Potter: no

James Potter: i haven’t asked a question.

Lily Potter: and yet

James Potter: but how did u know???

Lily Potter: your 762 cat pictures uploaded to the cloud james

James Potter: right.

James Potter: it’s just, hes been hanging around the office for the last two weeks…
Lily Evans: you don’t even like cats??

James Potter: but he likes me. maybe I never liked them bc they were all assholes?

James Potter: chicken or egg, u know?

Lily Evans: amazing

Lily Evans: see u in a few

Lily Evans: no to cat. yes to takeout for stressing me out

James Potter: ur stressed? im marrying an unsupportive woman in 7 weeks??

Lily Evans: *kiss emoji* eggrolls.

James Potter: yessir

James Potter to Lily Evans: but look at how CUTE he is

Lily Evans: no

James Potter: he likes milk

Lily Evans: impeachment song voice: no. no. no. no. no. nono. nononono.

James Potter: killjoy!

Lily Evans: remember the squirrel

James Potter: that was one. time.

Lily Evans: and yet, i have veto power

James Potter: will u always have veto power? like for the next sixty years?

Lily Evans: we had to call professionals in??? almost got kicked out??? our lease specifically and unequivocally forbids pets of any kind???

James Potter: technicality, yes, but as mum owns the building, pretty sure i could sway her w/ wedding leverage

Lily Evans: we are NOT having swans, geese, ducks, or other fowl at our wedding. so no leverage for u.

James Potter: killjoy!!!!!

week two.

James Potter to Lily Evans: he is a SHE

Lily Evans: …?

James Potter: THE CAT

Lily Evans: how do u

Lily Evans: nvnmd

James Potter: check ur snaps!!!

Lily Evans to James Potter: james. when u get home we need to talk abt appropriate things to snapchat.

Lily Evans: example: cats giving birth? not appropriate!!

Lily Evans: also, are u under the bushes in front of your work?


James Potter: except cats!

James Potter: and six of them.

James Potter: seven including boots.

Lily Evans: boots?

James Potter: have u seen HER feet? boots.

James Potter: the Miracle of Life. im transformed.                                             

Lily Evans: oh boy

Lily Evans to James Potter: babe. ur going to get fired for sending too many snapchats on work hours.

James Potter: my dad is the boss?

Lily Evans: he asked me to text sense into u. or to bribe u.

James Potter: rude.

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How to be cool in 3 easy steps!! :D

  1. lean back on something
  2. fold one ankle behind the other
  3. put this reeeal serious, nonchalant look on your face. A look that says, “I have a deep dark secret past and I understand the world in a way you’ll never understand it.”

or alternatively:

  1. wear shades!!!! :D
  2. just be sure they have UV protection! It’s more harmful to wear sunglasses with no UV protection than to go without sunglasses at all bc the shades makes your pupils open more which lets more UV rays in!! Be careful and wear proper eye protection if you can!
Calcium Dusting

I’ve gotten a few questions about calcium supplements in reptiles and will hopefully clear up some of the confusion. Also, if you have a question for me, please send me an inbox message and don’t just reply to a post. I sometimes don’t see the replies and will miss the question.

Calcium is necessary for making and maintaining bones and has other functions in the body as well. Calcium is obtained through the diet and absorbed through the intestines. Vitamin D is what allows the intestines to absorb the calcium for metabolism. If vitamin D levels are too low, it does not matter how much calcium is ingested, reptiles cannot use it.

Reptiles produce all the vitamin D they need within their own bodies. UV light, specifically UV-B stimulates production of vitamin D. When they have enough vitamin D, they automatically stop making more. So they bask in UV rays to produce vitamin D, they ingest calcium which is “unlocked” by the vitamin D.

Back in the old days of reptile keeping we knew reptiles needed vitamin D and that they needed UV light to produce it but we didn’t have the technology to safely and adequately produce UV-B. Someone came up with the idea of providing vitamin D along with calcium as a supplement. Sadly what ended up happening was that reptiles were overdosed with vitamin D and a good portion of them ended up in renal failure. Now we have UV lights that produce the needed UV-B so there is no reason to supplement vitamin D anymore. Because so many keepers were used to supplying vitamin D it continued to be sold and it is yet another of those pet keeping myths that are constantly perpetuated because people keep buying the products which makes the companies produce more.

So if you dust your reptile’s food items with calcium powder every other feeding or so and provide adequate levels of UV-B, they will have proper calcium and vitamin D metabolism. There is no reason to supplement vitamin D and it is not safe to do so. There are other vitamins and mineral supplements out there that can be given once every week or so in place of calcium. One of the more important vitamins is vitamin A. Often this is sold as a beta-carotene which the reptile should convert to vitamin A. The problem is many species cannot metabolize beta-carotene into vitamin A, so it is better to just have vitamin A pre-formed in the supplement.

In reality, we only need these supplements because we do not or cannot replicate the natural environment of reptiles in captivity. Theoretically if you kept a reptile in the perfect habitat with the correct humidity, temperature, UV levels and fed it a balanced, varied diet it wouldn’t need supplements. However reptiles tend to get less than ideal care. Even those that are cared for properly get less than ideal diets. Mass produced crickets and meal worms are not that nutritious. Gut loading them helps and dusting them with supplements helps as well.

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Updates on Herman never fail to make me smile :)

This is from today, before i took Herman 🐢 in from outside. I let him roam the garden so he get’s enough exercise. I keep him in an outside enclosure during the day so he get’s the uv-b rays he needs for metabolizing the vitamin D3 for growing until i get the proper lighting for him. He is just a hatchling, weighs around 20 grams or more and is just somewhat 2 inches in length.

Herman 🐢 is somewhat of a rescue, when he was brought to me his shell was damaged underneath and a thin piece got chipped. Walking around must have hurt him. I have nursed him very well and he is in good health now. He was very very shy at first but now he is well acquainted with me. 

Keeping a tortoise in a country where no one… NO ONE… keeps reptiles properly is hard. They require special care and equipment which are not available here anywhere. I mean sure they sell fresh water turtles here but they’re not the same. Fortunately i have an extensive knowledge in like…. everything and have my workaround for keeping this baby tort healthy and happy. I basically became an expert for this species overnight.

I do need to get him all the proper things he needs cause i am gonna keep him. His survival rate here is pretty low, around 1% in the wild. And he is a bit of an endangered species although it is a very common species for a pet, so being a tortoise steward does something to keeping this species well in existence.

What i need rn is a uv-b lighting (fluorescent or other) and calcium supplement powder. I have workarounds to these but they make my life and Herman’s 🐢 a bit harder than it has to be. But we’re best buddies already and he is a healthy happy tort. Although just like me he needs support.

Herman 🐢 greets all of you although he is sleeping rn burrowed in his hide in the enclosure. 🐢