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u know they gay when the fanvid is still 90% canon quotes


“Evolution des Willens”

My submission to @xenobladezine.

It has been years since I have painted something in traditional style. I have only drawn Cosplay reference stuff lately~

These are 15x15cm canvas painted with oil paint. I have framed them with wood and acrylic glass. On the acrylic glass I painted the Monados and a few parts of the backgrounds with UV active paint. It was quite a challange to capture them with my camera to show of both the background and glowing parts in good quality.

anonymous asked:

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! Was your hair glow in the dark at one point?! What did that look like with out the lights off?!

both glow in the dark hair is actually UV light active and this was the hair colors not under blacklight

and to add again; this is them under black light

manic panic colors**