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Google hasn't made any new comeback, no. I just think people are getting more hyped about him since his appearance was so resent. The fights have been mostly about Sean moving/a parody he made. People are worried about him becoming a jerk and stuff, and those people are getting a ton of hate from others

uuuuuuugh why r people like this

Romance questions??? Now??? Agh, I’m totally unprepared, I just—okay, I—I know how to answer these, I really do, just, now you’re bringing stuff like Pacifica and Wendy into it?  I mean—it’s just like—Uuuuuuugh, why is this so embarrassing?

Gah. Fine. Okay. I’ve been, uh, I’ve been thinking it over, and…geez…guess now’s a better time than ever to just spit it out.

So…yeah. Here goes.

I dunno if you guys heard, but uh, I told Wendy how I felt. And yeah, that went…pretty well, I guess. In retrospect.

And recently, I learned that Pacifica Northwest isn’t exactly…the worst? Alright, alright, I admit it, I was wrong! It happens, c’mon.

Basically, a lot’s changed since I first arrived at The Mystery Shack and developed that, um, that wild crush thing outta the blue.

But here’s the tricky part. See, whenever romance comes into the picture, I can’t help but think back to all Mabel’s been through. Sure, she’s a lot, uh…well, a lot hastier when it comes to her crushes and stuff. But still–I’m sure having a whole scrapbook page dedicated to “failed summer romances” feels pretty awful.

And after seeing Mabel nearly use the memory gun to deal with it all?  Well, I dunno…it got me thinking, I guess.

Romance, crushes, love, all that…It’s scary, y’know?  It’s something really…really special…but also something really fragile, and it should be treated that way.  Sure, sometimes you can’t help having crushes, and sometimes, they get way outta hand (believe me, I know), but in the end you still gotta remember that the person you’re crushing on is still a person. 

And sometimes, I dunno…you just don’t wanna ruin the relationship you already have, romantic or not.

Crushes can be wonderful a—and horrible, embarrassing and hilarious, and even, like, awkwardly sweaty…Uh, but the point is, sometimes things like that take a lot of effort, and part of that effort is getting yourself to the point where you’re willing to face rejection.  

Even if it hurts. Real bad.

Heck, sometimes you can even mistake a really good friendship for a crush, when it’s just like, a really strong urge of wanting to help, y’know?  Trust me, all this puberty junk makes for a really confusing time. Not fun.

So yeah, I admit, I had a crush on Wendy, and maybe even a tiny one on Pacifica. Heck, I even had a couple crushes on some of the girls back home a while back (don’t tell Mabel, she’ll go berserk).  But right now, I’ve charted it all out, weighed my options, and honestly?  Romance just isn’t my priority right now.

I mean, think about it!  Between the secrets of the journals, discovering Grunkle Ford, and all the other mysteries Gravity Falls has to offer, I’ve got my hands full!  I mean, yeah, maybe something’ll spring up in the future–another random crush come out of nowhere to ruin my life or whatever.  But in the meantime, I’ve got pretty much everything I want right in front of me, and cause of that, well…I think I’ll get by.

And besides, it’s like I tell Mabel whenever she gets upset about this kind of stuff: In the end, we’re only twelve.

…I think we’ve got plenty of time to figure these things out.


this is how i will forget you

i. I am going to wake up early
after a night of wishing to the stars
that you’ll come back to me. I’m going
to wake up with the other side of my bed
empty since the day you left.
And when I do, I am going to smile
and my smile will be brighter
than the potted flowers blooming
on my windowsill. And no! No. No. No.
I don’t have any plans of throwing away your
second anniversary gift you gave.
Because in my heart, I have forgiven you
the second you stepped out of the door
with your luggage following you
like a lost puppy – like me.

                ii. All of the photographs I have taken
                   two to three years ago will be kept in
                   one box and every handwritten letter
                   you gave me will be scattered in between
                   the pages of my books. I will keep all of them
                   because in five or six or seven or eight or nine
                   or ten or twenty or thirty years from now, I am going
                   smile and remember how I survived a heartbreak
                   that forced me to rip out my broken heart
                   and piece them back together the way my mother
                   used to stitch my tattered uniform for school.
                   In a separate box, I will hide the small pieces
                   of broken cups that were once filled with the hot
                   blend of coffee you left untouched on the table.
                   And when I look at it, I will smile and remind myself
                   never to prepare black coffee for my future lover.

iii. You know how I feel? You left me for months.
But I was always there for you.  When you
came back, I welcomed you with open arms.
You know how it makes me feel? Hurt.
Hurt like the way my father’s hand left
a purple mark on my mother’s gentle
looking face. Hurt like the way I burnt
my tongue with the soup my grandmother
left for me when she found out that I, I, I
was no longer ensnared by the chains
of bulimia. Words are not enough to explain
the pain I have right now. Cut ties with me?
Relationshit? Wow. I feel so stupid for
actually holding on for so long when all I, I, I
ever felt was a fucking option. When I will never
be the girl you will be proud of to call yours.
You know how I feel? Fucking hurt, that’s what.
                     Entry #421 –   February 12, 2012
And my journal will be a testimony to how the saying
“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” somewhat
applied to the life of my eighteen year old self have had.

                iv. I will lie down on my bed, stripped off
                    of my preconceived notions about love and
                    about you. I will lie down on my bed, naked, and
                    I will feel the velvet of my sheets against
                    the cracks of my skin. Slowly, little by little,
                    tranquility will seep through my spine and one
                    by one, my bones will tremble until I feel my body
                    come alive with life. I will sleep tonight with nothing
                    but my skin and I will be happy. I will love every inch,
                    every mountain, every valley, every beautifully carved
                    crevices of my body because breaking up with you
                    made me look at the mirror and see a wonderfully
                    molded girl with beauty, frailty, strength, happiness,
                    hope, love, optimism, tomorrow, rainbows, roses,
                    laughter and so many beautiful words written all
                    over the body she once hated. I will sleep tonight
                    with a smile on my face. I will wake up tomorrow,
                    with nothing but a smile brighter than the gentle sun.
                    And this is how I will forget you.

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Hi im a little n00b over here and I don't understand the theory of jin being dead?? Could you explain?


Also, I’m not saying that this is 100% a correct theory. I can see some flaws, and I can also see some supporting for other theories, such as a rumoured ‘Peter Pan’ theory and ‘Alternate Universe’ theory that I really wanna get around to reading because maybe it won’t hurt me as much as this theory does 

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