Imagine #1

Pairing: Peater x Reader

Summary: You have a nightmare where Peter dies and when you wake up he comforts you

Warnings: It’s my first ever imagine that i’ve posted, and it’s in bullets. Death but then there isn’t 

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ • 

  • You had dreamt that Peter died. 
  • It had taken place in the beach and Peter was fighting The Vulture.
  • You could only stand there and watch everything unfold. You tried to move, but you were stuck in place. It never occurred to you once that you could have been dreaming. 
  • For a moment it looked like Peter was going to win, but suddenly The Vulture tripped Peter then grabbed him by the neck. 
  • You saw as the he lifted Peter while the latter struggled against the grip, but then Peter stopped struggling. The Vulture flew away effortlessly.
  • You called out his name, a heart wrenching scream that rang across the beach. 
  • You were finally able to run to him then dropped at his side. You held his face between your hands and stared at his glazed eyes. He really was gone. 
  • You called out for him, your words barely a whisper, but then escalating in volume as the truth set. 
  • You felt the tears form while you stood over his body and sobbed. 
  • You stopped when a quiet whisper was heard.
  • “Wake up” your forehead was wrinkled in confusion and suddenly Peter shot up and grabbed at your shoulders “Wake up!”
  • You awoke in a cold sweat and your eyes welling with tears. You blinked blearily and kicked off the blankets, not being able to deal with the suffocation and heat they brought. You saw a blurry figure in front of you. You blinked and finally focused. 
    • Peter was standing over you, a look of worry clear on his face. 
  • After that your body relaxed immediately with relief. Knowing that Peter was safe was all that you needed. Subsequently, you started sobbing. Both sobs of joy and sadness at the prospect of knowing that he was alive, but he was always in so much danger.
  • “(Nick-name), what happened? I woke up and found you crying. I assumed it was a nightmare and woke you up too.”
    • Peter looked so concern and scared that you couldn’t help but be so grateful that he was your friend that the tears just came all over again.
  • You immediately tackled him with a hug, basically straddling him and attaching yourself to him like a sloth. He stiffened a bit, but as you buried your face in his neck he relaxed and rubbed at your back while his other arm was around your waist. 
  • “You died Peter" 
  • "Oh… I see. But don’t worry, okay? I’m right here.” He pulled back so you could stare at him. Grabbing your hands, he placed them on his face “I’m all right, not fighting The Vulture and certainly not dead.” Too shocked, all you did was nod and Peter sighed. 
  • “Mind telling me what happened?” he asked carefully.
  • “It was so terrifying, having you die right in front of me? I couldn’t bear it, I could never bear having my best friend die like that” You hugged him a bit tighter, still afraid that you could maybe be dreaming.
  •  "I’m so happy you’re alive"
  •  Peter pulled back and you felt a peck on your forehead
    • “Thank you”
  • Let’s just say that Peter was very glad that you stayed over this time
    • “I would’ve felt so bad if you woke up and I wasn’t there”
    • “I’m pretty sure I would’ve shown up at your door with bloodshot eyes anyway just to make sure you were okay”
  • You both laughed at that
    • “I’m also glad that I chose the top bunk because I’m pretty sure that we might have fallen”
  • At least the mood had lightened.
  • “Also I’m sorry I straddled you”
  •  "I thought that you were more like a sloth"
    • “I’m gonna detach myself now”
    • “Aww, but you’re so nice and cuddly”
        • “Five more minutes then.”