uuuuu why


Hmhmhm, I should probably start getting stuff like notebooks….

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🎀 nickname: uu i dont rly hav 1!

🎀 zodiac: aquarius

🎀 height: 5′3 fhjfdhjfdhj

🎀 last thing i googled: hannibal lecter i think lmao

🎀 favourite music artist: hmmmmm on this very day its alaska but of all time most likely nicole dollanganger, crywank, sharon needles, the front bottoms and ajj

🎀 song stuck in my head: space oddity lmao

🎀 last movie i saw: god im not sure……. maybe fantastic beasts?

🎀 what am i wearing right now: uuuuu superman pyjamas lmao

🎀 why did i choose my url: despite popular opinion after the band crywank

🎀 do i have any other blogs: yhh i hav an edgy blog a vent blog and a misc education blog and also a drag blog. then theres my other account which has like 50000 other 1s lol

🎀 what did your last relationship teach you: never again pmsl

🎀 religious or spiritual: yes despite everything in my life lmao im actually a christian but i was raised athiest

🎀 favourite colour: hm pink or green atm

🎀 average hours of sleep: anywhere from like 14 to 1

🎀lucky number: whatever my heart and anxiety says at the time lmao :’)

🎀 favourite characters: uuuu clarice, kate (line of duty), tran frm exquisite corpse, frank bryant uuuuu

🎀 how many blankets do i sleep with: 1!

🎀 dream job: it used 2 be a teacher but i think maybe ive missed the boat there lol. id like to do something in performance

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