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Honnêtement j'aimerais bien qu'on me critique d'avoir voté Macron parce ce que j'aurais soi-disant "voté utile" Mais non, j'ai eu le droit à "t'as voté pour lui parce qu'il est beau". 1) non, 2) non, 3) ta gueule. Tout ça parce que je suis une meuf et que je suis jeune. Plusieurs personnes m'ont ressortit ça de façon parfaitement sérieuse... J'ai pas le droit d'avoir une conscience politique parce que je suis une nana ? On est en 1830, j'ai raté un truc ? (BREF UUUUGH)

xctyvjghkj le sexisme pinaise. “Quoiii comment oses-tu avoir des opinions politiques ???” C’est scandaleux, et tellement une tactique pour te décridibiliser, en tant que conscience politique, en tant que citoyenne. Pathétique. Et le pire, dans tout ça, c’est que je pense pas que la gauche soit forcéement plus exemplaire que la droite de ce point de vue là.

Happy Tucker Tuesday! 😍❤️

Today will be spent studying… uuuugh haha… 😴 who needs sleep ey? 😂 I’m sleeping really bad during the nights atm and I fall asleep late and have to get up early for studying.
I think it’s probably because I’m so stressed about uni and other stuff that I think about to much stuff before going to be and therefore don’t sleep that much.


I wish you all a lovely Tuesday! May it be filled with Malcolm Tucker ❤️❤️❤️

Hugs x

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Geez that godforsaken episode with our two gay sons and their sexual tension NOT TO MENTION THOSE GLOVES. DotheyshareaglovekinkI'msoshook.

YES. Oh they share MANY kinks as we’ve seen. Gloves, knife play, blood, murder. I need to see them at Fox Glove together, being all fancy in their matching suits and gloves and uuuugh. Enjoying the kinky shit. 


i am physically and emotionally crying he revealed his real name and identity to the summoner he trusts them THAT much AND HE VOWS…TO FIGHT FOR THEM…….AND WITH A WIDE SMILE WHILE HES AT IT IM SO…………………..


Waltzing (s1/s3)

I know this has probably been done many times before, but honestly, I just couldn’t resist. Just look at the difference in the way they act towards each other. In first season. Carmilla is trying to impress Laura, because she’s already head over heels for her. And Laura is trying not to show just how big her crush on Carmilla actually is. They’re both skirting around each other, testing the waters. Then there’s third season. They think one or both of them might die tomorrow. And all they have for each other is love. They just want to be close to each other.