Gonta, Junko and Ouma Friendship Event

Gonta Gokuhara: Ah-, Good morning. I remember you’re from another class… erm, Enoshima-san… right?

Junko Enoshima (queen sprite): You say you have nothing but a vague recollention of My Majesty, the very anthropomorphication of charisma, the world’s center of attention! Those are fighting words, feral boy!

Gonta Gokuhara: S-sorry! I’ll properly remember you next time-!

Kokichi Ouma: Good morning, Gonta, what a beautiful day! By the who is this haughty girl? Is she from our school?

Ah, such a cocky blonde can only be Iruma-chan. But Iruma-chan, you look very different today~.

Junko Enoshima (mushroom sprite): You compare to Iruma-san of all people?… This is so despairing that it makes me want to die…

Gonta Gokuhara: D-don’t say something so sad! Cheer up, Enoshima-san-!

Kokichi Ouma: Yup, you’re Enoshima-chan. No way I would forget my beloved Enoshima-chan.

Yeah, Enoshima-chan was my first guess…but… hmm, hm…

Sorry, did you always look like that!? We don’t talk much so I can’t be sure!

Junko Enoshima (moeblob sprite): Huuuuuh, aren’t a meanie. Ever since I was born, I have always been this drop dead gorgeous!

Gonta Gokuhara: Ouma-kun… Saying those kind of things to a lady is not gentlemanly!

Junko Enoshima: But Ouma’s doubt might be a valid one.It’s not particularly unusual to see various people with the same appearance, you see.

Gonta Gokuhara: Huh-? Really? But there’s only one Enoshima-chan, right?

Kokichi Ouma:  No way could be 2 or 3 people as flashy as her! She’s no Togami-chan!

Gonta Gokuhara: Huh-, there are 2 or 3 Togami-kuns-?

Junko Enoshima (librarian sprite): I have a twin, an impostor and an alter-ego, totalling 4 individuals with my face. That is a lie, however.

Kokichi Ouma: Wait, don’t copy my lying thing~! I’ll get mad, even if it was my bestest friend Enoshima-san!

Gonta Gokuhara: Uuuuggh-, Gonta has no idea what’s going on anymore… There’s only one Gonta, right?

Junko Enoshima: Don’t worry, there can’t be anyone else as easy to fool as you~! 

A Royal Commission (1)

yeah another new project! Courtesy of @fleetstreetfatality ft. tattooed boys again.

Prompto is Insomnia’s renowned tattoo artist and Noctis is about the get his first ink done!AU (yeah that’s a thing now)

The doors, tall dark glass with the shop’s logo emblazoned on them, were covered in chocobo doodles in white chalk. Prompto smiled brightly at the sight and laughed to himself as he turned his key, letting himself in. Sure enough Maddy was sitting in his chair, chalk dust on her fingers.

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soo once i got my mic cord stuck in my marimba wheel, but i didn’t notice so I rolled all the way to the field and obviously it like shredded the cord to pieces beyond repair and i was shaking so much when i told my director. basically one of the worst days of my band career.

  • me: taylor should wear yellow more often
  • people on here: uuuuggh stop making posts like this, taylor DOESN'T OWE US ANYTHING, what would taylor be feeling right now? taylor we love you and we hope you still want to be on tumblr we're sorry!!! <13