Tales of TMNT

Uuuh, guys? “Tales of TMNT” is a direct reference. Go look up MIRAGE COMICS, you know, the original? The one that GAVE us TMNT? THEY did “Tales of TMNT”. So… Can you, like, stop calling it stupid? Please? I know many you must be teenagers, but at least research the origins of your fandom. Leonardo decapitating Shredder is from Mirage. In the Mirage comics, Mikey had an orange tabby named Klunk, which Eastman admits is the basis for Ice Cream Kitty. Casey would have never existed had Eastman and Laird not created him as a love interest for April specifically due to letters from fans asking when April would be set up with one of the Turtles. Which why Apriltello is so fascinating anyway, because Kevin is so involved. In the Mirage comics, Raph agonized over leaving his “best friend” Mikey to hang out with a very sporadic violent Casey Jones. In the Mirage Comics, Mikey was not stupid and was a talented writer and painter, who mostly enjoyed being carefree and fun-loving and a silly teenager joking around, while being a therapist-worthy empath and the fastest, most athletic, and potentially deadliest turtle. Splinter died of a heart attack. The farmhouse to which they escaped after Shredder beat up Leo belonged to Casey’s family. April O’Neil was named after Kevin Eastman’s high school sweetheart, a redhead. When Kevin married model Julie Strain, who had dark curly hair, April’s look changed to dark curly hair and stayed that way. Kevin also voices Ice Cream Kitty, which was all he wanted once joining the Nick crew. ICK is the new Klunk.
So far, the 2012 show has had more references to Mirage than 2003 or the films.

Look, if you’re going to complain about something, can you at least do some homework? Here, I’ll help your Google powers: TMNT, Mirage, 1984, random humanoid turtle holding nunchucks, Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Tales Of The TMNT. Also, in “Tales” Klunk is hit by a car and dies. But they wouldn’t do that to Ice Cream Kitty. Besides, Mikey adopted one of Klunk’s babies after a stray gave birth to them.

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Three things. First: yes, your Mum is the boss!!! Second: uuuh that man, gorgeous choice, my dear! Third: when is your novel coming out? :)

Hey @lady-kaaesien! Yes, my mother rocks!😊
My book comes out March 31, and I’m releasing the trailer for it this Wednesday.
Sure wish my crush could be in it…😜


I’ve been thinking about ???% a bit lately so now I just have this disconnected scenario/AU/headcanons where it’s this powerful spirit that befriended Mob as a child and subtly possessed him, like Dimple did with Ritsu, so Unkown could slowly hone Mob into the perfect vessel. Except the plan backfired b/c now Unkown really cares about this poor kid and knows it Fucked Up by accidently hurting Ritsu, so now it’s more of a guardian spirit/psychic backup generator for him.

I really like the idea of Unknown physically crawling out of Mob horror movie-style the first time it leaves his vessel since it’s been inside Mob for like, ten years, so now it’s almost a part of him (it’s still safe for it to leave tho, Mob just gets a little dizzy afterwards and the depossession gets less extreme over time). I imagine it’d be forced to come out during an event where Mob’s chance of dying is Very High and there’s no way in hell Mob’ll be persuaded/is physically capable of taking care of the problem himself. Obviously Ritsu and Teru are very nervous around it (and Mob was convinced it was just an imaginary friend he used to have), but ???% gives them space and tries to make it clear it was sorry for hurting them. No one really fully trusts it except Mob in the end.

???% can’t speak (at least not any human language), so it primarily writes things down and draws diagrams. When asked who/what it is, ???% just writes the word “protection” so Mob and Ritsu start referring to it as Hogo instead of “that thing” or “the spirit.”


Juuzou versus Ayato + Auction Raid