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Are you friends with any Gorillaz bloggers on Tumblr? Or are they like a good friend to you? If so, who are they and why do you like them? Also, what are your favorite Gorillaz blogs? (Sorry if I'm asking too many questions. I'm just curious)

Uuuh Idk I feel like in general I annoy a lot of people but I would consider these Gorillaz centric (but not necessarily all Gorillaz) blogs as friends? Idk if we’re close but they make me happy and when they talk to me I’m even happier

@shannonssoundcheck is a total bae amd she makes the best content and she is the funniest

@murdongnippals always tells it like it is and I love that in a person plus humor is on point

@noodlelove15 is so cheery amd optimistic with the Gorillaz news and it’s nice they’re very sweet

@ask-a-noodle-doodle is an RP blog but posts a lot of Gorillaz content and she’s a real doll and I think she’s a strong woman very cool

@softpastelnoodle is a real sweetie with some nice cosplay and she’s a joy to talk to

@condomrandom is an excellent artist and is hilarious as ever

@smoking-tinfoil is another excellent artist and has the best music tastes

@rancidpepper is a really really great Gorillaz artist please follow

@aurora-beams posts a lot of Gorillaz stuff and is pure ray of sunshine

@b—flat I’m less familiar with but they seem incredibly knowledgeable!

@plasticbxtch is a real sweetheart and runs an excellent blog!

@gorillaz-art is the number 1 source for Gorillaz art

Uh there’s probably tons more I can’t think of right now! And I don’t have a favorite, I love them all!

PPPPPPPPVBBBTBBHFXSB i bleached my hair again and it came out great once again! my curls DID loosen slightly this time tho but its barely noticeable if you ask me……… i think its at a light enough colour to dye it but i.,………. completely MISSED THE BACK KESJHFR

I HAVE NO IDEA HOW BUT THERES A BIG DARK BROWN/BLACK PATCH AT THE BACK??? and a small black spot in the front and small black patches just behind my ears SOOOO um im gonna get those spots tomorrow and then hopefully go to sally beauty some time during this weekend to buy some more toner and moisturizing stuffs (maaaaayybe more hairdye cuz idk if one jar of manic panic is enough………… i mean it should be??) 

but uuuh i also want to get some shimmer lights shampoo so i can get these yellow tones out of my hair


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