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Uuuh sorry for bothering but do you consider that people with Asperger's Syndrome are... autistic? Because every time I show symptoms my dad says that "Im not autistic so I can control them" and idk sorry if this end up in discourse ; ;

Asperger’s Syndrome is most definitely on the autism spectrum, my friend. If you research Asperger’s it’s described as “A developmental disorder affecting ability to effectively socialize and communicate. It is a condition on the autism spectrum, generally higher functioning.”
I have Asperger’s myself!

so uuuh idk why but i felt like sharing this… i told myself not to ship Void [left] with anyone, especially another character i made. but oops it happened 😅 i cant help it sometimes XD Elvira -Vira- [right] was just a lil doodle and i turned her into a character. after this lil experimentation, i feel like mashing up two of my old ideas into this new one. i feel like I’m onto something :DD aaaa i feel so hyped abt this now :‘3 i hvnt created a storyline with real characters in so long!! i wanna tell u SO MUCH but I’ll be spoiling too much :‘3 ah these two are cute—

btw they’re both my OCs. *kinda just slides away* watcha opinions on this… (ó㉨ò)

April: I still can’t believe how creative you are Far! So many OCs! They look like a cute couple! Apple approves.


Juuzou versus Ayato + Auction Raid