Inktober #11

God. I come back online and I see one of the biggest instigators pulling the victim card. Wtf? Seriously I won’t judge a whole fandom for one person, but I will judge that one person and their cronies that are in my block list because I remember when chapter 1 came out all of this person’s cronies were on the SS tag shitting on us, our ship and yelling victory. I’m pretty sure my followers know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. I’m tired of seeing this person’s bitter bitch posts on my dash. Fuck this person and their butthurt insecure views. They’ve turned this fandom even shittier making innocent people get dragged into it. -____-

The Great Escape || Advery

The days with Avery were amazing. He felt so good with her around and it was amazing to be able to call her his. They had a lot of fun together and he never thought he could be this happy with someone eery again. He even forgot about Buster for a while until he had to go back to work. Of course he tried not let anyone notice that he knew where Avery was and that he was hiding her which was getting hard as the days passed. On his third day back, Adam sat at his desk when his boss stormed in. “Okay, everybody. I need your attention.”, he said.

Adam frowned and got up, walking over to where everyone else was standing. “Last night, Buster…that dude who killed a man in his own club and beat up a prostitute, broke out of jail.” As soon as the officer heard his boss’s words, his heart stopped beating. Buster was free. He was probably going to try and find Avery and that meant trouble. While everyone else was listening to the boss and how he tried to get this situation under control, Adam moved back and managed to sneak out. He rushed back home, almost knocked the door out of the door frame as he stormed in and looked around for Avery. “Baby?”, he called out, his heart pounding.