“I’m pregnant…”-Suga- Drabble


Y/B/N - Your brother’s name

You stared at the pregnancy test in your hand with shock clear on your face.-No, No No…It cant be true…- You couldnt belive in this, you are too you for baby. What with Yoongi,what about his fans and his career. It was like a nightmare. 

Two weeks later  

-Y/N comeone, I dont want to be late to your brother’s birthday. Hurrry uuppp!!- He grabbed my waist and slowly pushed me out of the bathroom-I need to finish my make-up…Let me goo- I tried to use aegyo- Ok Jagi, 5 more minutes. You are too cute-He gave me a small kiss and walk away. I really want to tell him true, but Im too scared of his reaction. I think I will wait to a good moment…

At the Party  

-Happy Bithday Y/B/N!!! - He made his birthday patry in Club near to his house. Everybody are drinking alcochol, everybody exept me. Everybody are screaming, my head hurts, I feel dizzy…- Y/N! Y/N! Please, wake up- It was Yoongi. I opened my eyes. I was in my room, in my bed.-Babe whats wrong? Do you need to go to hospital? Please, talk to me…- And that was a ‘Good moment’ .-Yoongi…-Yes, Jagi?- Im…Im pregnant. Please, dont leve me. I love you…- He looked at me with his gummy smile- I would never leve you. How could you think that, pabo- He kissed my cheek- But you must promise me something- You nodded- You will never scared my like that, promise?- Promise…