uuhh idk what these are

s-models-sims  asked:

ask for your sims Personal ; 5 -6-7-8-9 - 10

asdfgh idk who these are for but i’m gonna do mar since she’s who i’m mostly focusing on atm!

5. Race?
she’s hispanic buuut never learned spanish from her parents lmao she knows little things but both her parents just mostly used english around her along w/ school

6.  What do they look like? (i.e, hair color, eye color, etc)
she’s tan w/ short, brown hair, gray/blue eyes uuhh idk what else to say lmao

7.  Any disabilities?
she doesn’t have any

8.  Is there a meaning to their name?
well apparently her full name, Mariella, means uncertain/maybe bitter in hebrew lmaoo but just Mar means ‘sea’ in spanish. her parents just thought it was a pretty name ;—-;

9.  What makes them, them?
asdfhj fudge dood…. well okay Mar is a confident, daredevil gal who loves meeting new people & befriending them. she will defend her friends no matter what & will always try to be there for them. she’s competitive & loves a good competition of any sort. she laughs a lot.. like… a lot. ready to fight. ready to accept any dare. ready to adventure & party. also loves food. 

10.  What do they want to be when they grow up/what do they want to do with their lives?
Mar is currently going to school & majoring in biology. she wants to find a job under forensics. she’s in love w/ the idea of helping solve crimes behind the scenes