k.arin u.zumaki did a lot of things wrong– she, admitted, to experimenting on k.imimaro, j.uugo, s.uigetsu and we see her experimenting and killing no names in the anime and in the manga. her end goal is to survive by any means. a lot of people hate her– but they hate her for all the wrong reasons. they hate her because she threatens the basis of s.asus.aku – it’s another girl closer to s.asuke!! oh no !!! 

she has sexual thoughts about him !!! oh no she must be a whore– like that’s a bad thing?? it’s not but that’s a rant for another time. 

i can understand people disliking her for what she’s done to people but not for ships. 

this is a common trend in the fandom i see. people don’t like o.bito because of what he’s ‘done’ but is okay with ma.dara doing the same thing. people don’t like da.nzo because he’s safe but not oro.chimaru. people are okay with sas.uke’s actions because he’s cute and he had a terrible life?? people are okay with i.tachi because it was for the greater good– 


if you’re going to hate all these characters for their actions then you should realize a villain is a villain no matter the mask or the history that made that character that way. 

a lot of the fandom as i see it– is okay with people being shitty as long as they’re cute and that is not okay. you forgive them because wow they put they hot is psychotic and that is not okay. 

you’re not okay if you do that.

these characters – they are not good characters- they were designed this way and that is okay to see them that way. what is not okay is to excuse their actions just because they’re cute or they get in the way of a ship or whatever. 

ka.buto is bad ; ka.rin is bad ; sas.uke is bad ; oro.chimaru is bad ; ob.ito is bad ; ma.dara is bad ; dan.zo is bad ; literally there is a fucking shitton of characters that are bad and that’s okay. do not write that off ; that is what makes that particular character a developed character.