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79. “That’s the third time I’ve saved your life!”

well. this is neither angsty or fluffy or kink, but it’s SOMETHING. sorry I’m so late in getting to these prompts… I haven’t written in a while, feeling a bit rusty but here we go…

content notes: references to violence/murder, mild gore

Fact: This was a close one.

Lie: “That’s the third time I’ve saved your life.” Pat says low and between his teeth, leaning forward to make sure Jonny hears him. The sickly yellow of the lights distorts his face into an ugly grimace. He’s got blood in his hair and smeared right onto his balding spot, but Jonny elects not to mention it. Dying now, after everything, would kinda suck. Pat is a really good shot.

“Second,” Jonny says, tucking his gun in the back of his pants. “That first time doesn’t count.”

“You were two seconds away from getting your brains blown, and–”

“I had it under control!” Jonny’s voice echoes over the water and into the empty harbour, bouncing off the metal shipping crates behind them. They both stop, holding their breaths and listening, but the night is as quiet as it can be and the loudest sounds are the water hitting the cement wall of the docks and the buzzing of the lights, of the moths hitting the naked bulbs. 

“And this?” Pat says, lowering his voice once more and pointing at the body between then with his gun. It glints lightly, shined proper every morning. “Do you have this under control?”

“Put that thing away before you take someone’s eyes out.” Jonny gives the body a little nudge with the toe of his boot. There’s brain matter on it. Ugh. “Again.”

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Polyamory honestly means so much to me. I just read this BEAUTIFUL Raven Cycle fic about the Gangsey and how much they all loved each other and there was so much mutual kissing and love and happiness and UUGGHHH!!!!!!!

I’m seriously crying bc it’s so wonderful and ideal and I want it.