Katie Monroe | 16 | Sophomore | FC: Ayla Kell | open

Katie’s your active girl who’s ready for anything sporty and fun. Most of the time you’ll see Katie after school in the gym practicing her gymnastics as she daydreams about being in the Olympics someday winning the gold. That’s been her dream for as long as she can remember and she works extremely hard to make sure it comes true. Katie’s never really had any close friends because of how much she practices, she’s never really had time for dating and friends and parties like most teenage girls. Her parents don’t really give her much advice when she comes to them asking about her social life. They’re more concerned about her working for the future, educationally and for her dreams. Lately Katie has been telling her parents she’s practicing but secretly hanging out with some new friends she’s recently met. She’s almost been caught 3 times in the past two weeks. Will Katie give up on her dreams and do gymnastics for the fun of it so she can live like a normal teenager or will she keep her life the way it’s always been? Trying new things is a risk, but not trying is also a risk. 


Dana Levi | 18 | Senior | FC: Alexis Knapp | open 

Dana’s your typical unknown face. She’s never been the one to lead a group, stand out or even speak out in class to ask questions. Dana mostly enjoys being a shadow because of the fact that she doesn’t get involved in drama but hates that when she tries to talk to her crush, Joshua Graves, all she can do is quietly ask what was the homework assignment. Though Dana isn’t comfortable in the classroom or hardly anywhere else except home, on the drama stage she's unafraid of anything-except getting seen. When Dana’s alone on that stage, her inner star comes out. She feels alive and as if nothing could bring her down. Being a senior, Dana wants this year to be completely different so she’s going to face her fear and get on that stage and act just as she would if she were alone. Ready to try out for any and every school play, Dana’s beyond nervous but yet, a hint of excitement tingles inside her. New year, new Dana.