{}  [S] Caliborn: Enter

I wasn’t at the level of art I wanted to be back when this flash came out. Now that I’m a bit more experienced (three years later) I can finally draw the image that I had in mind.
Caliborn © Andrew Hussie (2012)
please do not use or redistribute this work. cheers.
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(someone reported my first campaign and i showed sufficient proof, including the death certificate which really sucked, but staff couldnt revive it and i had to make a new one :/ idk why someone did it in the first place instead of messaging me, this is for my family and i know its a very long shot but we need the help now more than ever)



Upd8 Summary~!

There were a lot of subtle nuances here that were just so perfect.

Arquiusprite is a red-themed already fused person.

Caliborn can’t even resist le swoon of his embrace.

Amethyst had the :O) then the :O( face (more like :Oo >:OD but still)

It was just so beautiful. 8,D

((This took me like 10 hours. lol))

Unitarian Universalist Jokes

Unitarian Universalism - Where all your answers are questioned.

Arguing with a Unitarian Universalist is like mud-wrestling a pig: Pretty soon you realize the pig likes it.

UUs address prayers, “To whom it may concern.”

UUs think the holy trinity is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

A guy goes to a UU service for the first time, and later is asked what he thought of it. “Darndest church I ever went to,” he replies, “the only time I heard the name of Jesus Christ was when the janitor fell down the stairs.”

A Unitarian Universalist was worried, and confided to another UU, “I want to invite a friend to the Sunday service, but our minister uses that J-word so much I’m afraid it will make my friend feel uncomfortable.”
“When has our minister ever mentioned Jesus?” asked the other.
“I meant ‘Justice’.”

A protestant Christian comes up to a Unitarian Universalist and says: “I hear that you allow all kinds of weirdos in your church, atheists, Buddhists, Pagans …”
The UU answers: "We allow Christians too–we’re very open-minded.”

A missionary walked up to a Unitarian Universalist on the streetcorner and demanded, "Do you know what’s going to happen when you stand in judgment before God?”
The UU responded, “She is going to have some big explaining to do.”

Q: Why are UUs the worst hymn singers?
A: Because they’re always reading ahead to see if they agree with the next line.

Q: Why did the UU cross the road?
A: To support the chicken in its search for its own path.

Q: How does a UU walk on water?
A: She waits until winter.

Q: How many Unitarians does it take to change a light bulb?
A: None; we accept the light bulb just the way it is.

Q: How many Unitarians does it take to change a light bulb?
A: There is no fixed number, so let’s form a committee to decide!

Q: How many Unitarians does it take to change a light bulb?
A: None; UUs aren’t afraid of being in the dark.

Q: How many Unitarians does it take to change a light bulb?
A: We choose not to make a statement either in favor of or against the light bulb. However, if you have found in your own journey that light bulbs work for you, that is fine. You are invited to write a poem or compose a modern dance about your personal relationship with your light bulb and present it next month at our annual light bulb Sunday service in which we will explore a number of light bulb traditions, including incandescent, fluorescent, three- way, long-life, and tinted, all of which are equally valid paths to luminescence.

Give up being perfect. Don’t even try for it any more. Perfect is for Platonic ideals and marble statues. Be human instead. Be warm and fragile and earnest and mistaken. Love what you love without apology. Don’t worry about perfect – just be as human as you can possibly be.
—  Rev Gail Lindsay Marriner, Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Fe