So… in downtown Baltimore there has been the billboard you see on the left featuring the hometown mascot Mr. Boh, of National Bohemian Beer fame and the girl from the Utz Potato Chip bags… I never understood why this sign was so popular considering that Utz Potato Chips are made in Hanover Pennsylvania and are a sponsor for the New York Yankees, which I’m amazed hasn’t been considered blasphemous in this neck of Orioles country.  And I always wondered what the hell Mr. Boh saw in the Utz Girl, she’s looks like she could be his damn sister for crying out loud!  But I digress…

It was news around town that this long-standing billboard was going to be removed in the near future and I got thinking of what should replace the sign…  so I immediately thought that this might the perfect opportunity for National Premium Beer, a one-time popular local beer that has recently re-launched by a committed guy right here in Maryland, to smack National Bohemian and Mr. Boh, now brewed in California of all places, right in his big fat moustachioed face! 

The smooth monocled dude you see in bed with the Utz Girl is Mr. Pils the original mascot of National Premium back in the day.  His cheeky reappearance and the “bitch slap” it would provide to National Bohemian would be completely badass!