So... co-worker found my Tumblr the other day

Him: So… your blog.

Me: *idly tinkers on computer*
Him: *turns abruptly to me*

Me: *starts sinking to the ground while still laughing*
My supervisor:
Me: Oh, you found UTW, too?
Him: WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU… are any guys writing this stuff? Cause I get it from a girl POV but idk if…
Me: … we’re all women, bruh.
Him: oh.
Me: yeah.
Him: *turns back to his computer* … *shakes head*
Me: … look, I told you before, I’m trash.
Him: THAT’S NOT TRASH THAT’S… you just need Jesus.

Nah, son. I don’t need Jesus. I just need Ignis. Which I guess is the same thing idk

…you know I’ve reached a new level of shameless when I don’t particularly care that the degrees of separation from my smut life and work life are thin.

Celebrating 500 Followers!

TBH, I’m kind of shocked I have this many followers.  Sure, it seems quite paltry compared to a lot of other Tumblrs, but considering I started this as a blog just for Diablolik Lovers reblogs to actually producing my own content up to a few months ago, I’m pretty proud of it.  You guys are amazing and supportive of my filthy mind, and you put up with my shitposting, so I can’t thank you all enough for giving me something to look forward to and something that I feel appreciated for. Especially the Thot Squad and all their amazing love and encouragement ever since writing my first smut fic (and it’s nice to know I’ve improved since then, haha) <3

And with that being said, I was considering doing a fic specifically to celebrate, and I jokingly told the Thot Squad (not thinking I would reach 500) that maybe I should do my own gangbang fic finally, but it would be only the Chocobros fucking each others brains out.

But I do have other fics I’m considering, perhaps not as challenging, that I’ve queued in my mind:

- Doctor Ignis AU (would include medical play)

- Vampire!Ignis AU

- Ignoct x reader fic featuring a jealous Noct

- Sequel to “Down by the Lake”

And of course the dicks-only Chocobro gangbang fic is also an option.  So what do you guys think (also keep in mind I’m currently on third shift and have UTW duties to fulfill, so it won’t be an immediate thing.)

anonymous asked:

Noooooo! You can't quit! -Stomps foot- Can't ever quit. Don't quit. I won't allow it! I just love your stuff so much. 😭 You be my favorite FFXV fanfic writer. - InsecureWriterWeirdo

I mean it when I say it won’t be for awhile, though! LOL I want to go out with a bang, not like a “this bitch shoulda stopped writing a long time ago, she tired” kinda thing, so I gave myself a deadline of sorts. But rn I got way too much shit on my plate like:

• Finishing the chocobros x reader series
• Ignoct/Promnis/Gladnoct/Promptio threesome one-shots to complete my HCs
• One-shot based on that one-HC someone made about Ignis being touch-starved
• Ignis getting pegged (because ponkita LOL)
• more “Chocobros with a black s/o" HCs/drabbles
• AWWLLL the shit I have piled up for UTW

With the rate at which I work (read: a glacial pace), I’ll at least be writing things for the rest of the damn year before I “retire”. It doesn’t even count all the countless things that could entice my muse, either. And I wouldn’t even be doing that until I finish my new series in which I still have no clue how it’s going to end, so I can’t put a timeline on that shit, either. *sighs*

And who knows, as long as the Thot Squad is still with me, I could be writing smut until I die. LOL.

anonymous asked:

Damn, you're quitting now too? Why do all of the of the good ones gotta go? Well, I wish you the best in life bby!

Not going anywhere yet, but eventually, LOL! Thanks in advance for the well wishes~

Honestly, there’s other things involved that made me decide that it may be best to quit while I’m ahead. One, if I want to actually take a stab at being a real author one day and work on an original story with the skills I’ve built up from writing all this wonderful trash, then I can’t divert attention from that once I start.

Two, I don’t want to get burned out, and I’ve come dangerously close to doing so a few times already. I start stressing over requests still in my inbox or on UTW, and my muse doesn’t take very well to being told what to write all the time I’ve found. -__-; I love completing things for people and knowing that I’ve made them happy because of it, but it’s so easy for me to get into the habit of just being relieved that a request is done rather than energized to write more… and I don’t like feeling that way. If I was getting paid for it then maybe it would be different, but since I’m not and I write entirely for fun I want to preserve the giddy joy I got when I was first writing the Chocobros x Reader series and living for @louisvuittontrashbags and @diabolik-trash-heap responses to each chapter with baited breath.

But hey, I still got uh… *looks at teetering plate* approximately 26943799 more things to write before then so y'all will have me around for quite awhile longer, lol!

sayura21  asked:

I'm so excited that you plan on doing a Promptis threesome at some point! I've been craving one since I started seeing Gladnis threesome fics. I love our boys, Gladio and Ignis, but I also need a healthy dose of the sunshine boy and sleepy prince.

I gotta supply the sin bin on Tumblr with equal opportunity smut as much as possible… and that includes the Promptis shippers.

Bad part is, I wanna write all this shit rn but I’m in the middle of requests so I just gotta remind myself to get to them later. Maybe if I finish one request, I’ll let myself do one non-UTW related fic, and vice versa.


roses-and-oceans  asked:

Hi hello, i am also a fan of rammstein and bauhaus and beetlejuice. I remember that from the intro post over at UTW. I really love making new friends! Its just sometimes I'm horribly busy/tired ugghh. Well other than that, hello, I'm Val and i write ffxv stuff lmao you may have seen something floating around, probs not im real smol. ahhh, also kinda shy lmao. okay i currently have a mask on my face its starting to burn gonna go rinse it off but shoot me a message or i'll come send smth in again!

Hello Val. ^____^

The best thing about Rammstein and Bauhaus is I can safely play them on the soundbar display on the salesfloor at work (I manage the electronics department at my job so I consider it a…sales tactic?)

Except I may or may not have accidentally played Rammstein’s “Pussy” once out loud.  And I didn’t discover it until after work.

It’s always nice to to meet someone who clearly also has excellent tastes in music and movies. I’m sure we have a lot more in common as well. :D

anonymous asked:

You're such an amazing writer! I'm honestly awed by all your works, and how many of the prompts you take on over at UTW! Te little snippets you give about your life get me really interested in you :) I hope you have a fab day~

Aww you are so kind! T3T <3 Thank you so much, that really makes my day. I’m a bit stalled at UTW right now because I’ve run out of prompts to work on, but we still have too many to justify opening the inbox. It’s a pickle! You have a fab day too! 

anonymous asked:

Someone needs to write that touch starved Ignis hc. Like... it's crucial that this becomes a thing. It just... y e s.

I know, anon. LAWWWDDD I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED! It’s been on my mind and now I have to add it to the queue that I have in my personal fanfic bin (that doesn’t include the backup of requests I have placed on priority to do first):

- Fucked up Ardyn piece
- Reversal on the Ignis piece I did on UTW
- Promptis threesome
- That Ignis HC thing

Seeing my current production rate, I’ll have all these done by the time Kingdom Hearts 3 finally comes out. Maybe.