A piece done for Utunu, as a gift for Kikivuli for Christmas.  We picked the phrase together, and I painted what my imagination dreamed up based on it. 

This piece involved a LOT of experimenting with technique and style.  I tried a lot of things that were pretty different than how I usually do my digital work, and I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with how it played out.  This is one of my favourite works to date.

With and without words versions.


“Inner Waters” is finally complete!

Somewhere, far away, submerged ruins reflect in crystal waters. These mysteries lay undisturbed for untold centuries until the intrepid adventurers Kikivuli and Utunu use deep magic and clever might to work their way into the inner waters of the lost city.

Now Utunu has found a prize for his beloved hyena, who waits above with some mischief in mind. Poor ‘Tunus.

Created in Corel Painter X for the wonderful Kikivuli and Utunu.

Os several weeks ago Utunu the African wild dog got a commission of his character in robot form… I saw the drawing he had and it was plan that the both his character and Darkwolfs characters were indeed robots but… To me they appeared to be a collection of shapes. As a product design student and a 9 year drafter this BOTHERED ME TO NO END (the fellow artist did do a spectacular job). Soo with Utunus permission I decided to draw the face of the character and give him a more believable design. This is the result. There is a cutaway above the closest eye and I would dare to explain the functions but I figure that people may be at loss to my descriptions

I will be taking commissions for robot conversions of organic characters this month :) if interested email me at levnartscommandcenter@gmail

Thanks for the views and notes



After weeks of getting my eye hurt and then catching a weird virus thing, I was able to finish this commission for Utunu and Kikivuli of  Kikivuli’s Stripped Hyena character.

There are so many WIPs, unfortunately, I cannot post them all because, it would take me forever to put them in order x__x

Sorry guys~

Anyways, I enjoyed working in this so much, especially at the end.

Except the moments that my pc decided to lag and also each time I  had to reboot the pc to make my Intuos work xD

I feel like I am having very similar problems with the Huion, I will switch back soon to Huion to see how is the driver going

Anyways, thanks so much for commissioning me! <3

It was such a pleasure to work with Kikivuli and Utuntu, they are awesome.