utterly lame

Some Things Never Change

summary: Dan and Phil stumble across each other in a night club one evening after having been broken up for five years.

word count: 4.1k


Dan’s social life has never really exceeded the extent of going out for afternoon tea with his grandparents, so he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing here. Looking around at the violently flashing lights that are supposed to provide a ‘fun’ atmosphere doesn’t help, as each passing second only proves to remind him that he probably shouldn’t have agreed to this. Night clubs just aren’t his thing.

They never have been, actually. It’s just something about standing awkwardly among sweaty bodies grinding against each other to unnecessarily loud music that makes Dan completely opposed to the idea. The idea that he can’t use the bathroom without probably being attacked by an aggressive drunk or being practically drowned in another lightweight’s vomit if he so much as steps into one of the cubicles. If he dares to bump into someone accidentally and run the risk of being cussed at until he’s forced to leave or just simply be beaten up in front of the rest of the doe-eyed party-goers until he’s carried out on a stretcher. He’s never seen the appeal of it.

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Interviewer: “The next question is: What is your sexual orientation?”

Ferid: “I guess it’s finally time to come out of the closest. I’m-”

Everyone: “Gay! So gay you could replace the word “homosexuality” with “Ferid” and the meaning wouldn’t change! We already know it Bathory!“

Interviewer: "Uhm… Yes. The next ones please”

Mika: “I hate everyone except Yuu. So I’m Yuusexual”

Yuu: “What the f*ck Mika!”

Shinya: “I love everyone but my heart belongs to Guren and toast. So I guess I’m Guretoastsexual. Hahaha!”

Guren: “Lame… So utterly lame…”

Krul: “I’m bi”

Mahiru: “I’m bi as well”

Guren: “Since when do you like women Mahiru?”

Mahiru: “Well… Since the day I got turned into a vampire by the Queen before I became a demon…”

Mika: *remembers the moment when Krul turned him into a vampire*

Mika: “Oh… This brings back memories”

Mahiru&Krul: *start to blush while looking in each others eyes*

Guren: “Why do I suddenly start to feel jealous?”