utterly heartbreaking


We’re setting up to do this shot, we just wanna see Cate sort of tugging this child along. He’s forgetting how to walk. And she walked off down the sidewalk and they kind of edged over to the edge of frame and disappeared behind the tree and then right at this moment the little boy tugs on her hand and then she bends down to find out what it is that he wants and he puckers up his lips and gives her this kiss. And I’m watching this on the monitor and I’m going “Oh my god, that’s amazing!”

David Fincher, Director’s commentary
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

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okay okay okay new list: top ten favorite critical role eps. IN ORDER

This is difficult, holy cow! I thought about defying this post and making a list of my ten least favorite eps, but was tragically unable to come up with ten episodes I disliked so, uh. Probably should’ve seen that coming. Okay, you win, here goes nothing, I’m definitely missing a bunch, this list changes on any give day, etc. etc. etc.

10. Episode 31: Gunpowder Plot. Every now and then, despite its huge cast, the show gets to highlight one-on-one interactions between Matt and a player. Scanlan spends the better part of an hour alone, a single gnome bard trying to navigate an ambush in an enemy stronghold. The process involves turning into a triceratops, defeating a dozen guards, breathing fire, and shoving a goliath off a flaming rooftop in the rain. That sequence is legendary for a reason.

9. Episode 25: Crimson Diplomacy. Mainly the first half, although Kit Buss is wonderful as Lilith and gets more screen time in the latter half. I think this episode kind of jump-started the more serious RPing on the show (which isn’t to say there weren’t great moments earlier!)–for the first time, it felt like it wasn’t so much the players worrying about losing a character as it was the other characters worrying about losing a friend. Vax completely failing to talk his way out of the Briarwoods’ chambers, “Jenga!”, Vex storming in with double natural twenties, “Sylas!” Matt did a phenomenal job juggling the tension in order to make this encounter feel like a difficult situation that was still winnable.

8. Episode 69: Passed Through Fire. I remember seeing a post from somebody who happened upon this episode on Twitch without having seen any of the rest of the show, and they said they were blown away by the emotional extremes in this episode alone. Pretty much everyone was crying, and then pretty much everyone was crying with laughter. There’s also the wonderful letter from Kerrek, VM doing shots, and the start of several RP threads that unravel over the course of the next few episodes. Also, the cliffhanger at the end of this one jumpstarts the endgame in a big way.

7. Episode 57: Duskmeadow. This was a really unexpected episode watching live, because the entire cast had been out doing interviews about CR all day and then came straight from that to this, so it’s a wonder anyone was coherent. And yet, true to form, we get Matt playing a dozen different recurring characters expertly, we get the long-awaited confrontation between Vax and the Raven Queen, we get a bunch of other wonderful character beats, and we get one of the most genuinely startling cliffhangers in the show, with a callback that stretches 36 episodes.

6. Episode 49: A Name Is Earned. The first half is a really archetypal low-risk fight for this show in that it showcases each of the characters’ strengths and weaknesses, often in hilarious ways–Keyleth accidentally disarming a trap, Percy attempting to hit someone with a lance and finally giving up and just shooting him, Vax stealthing by sinking into the snow up to the tips of his ears, Vex sending Trinket barrelling out as a cannonball. It’s a good time. And the sphinx’s puzzle is wonderfully fun and just complicated enough to keep everyone guessing–on rewatching, it’s great to see how Matt manages to drop hints without being too obvious about it. And, of course, the utterly heartbreaking moment where the whole Craven Edge arc comes to a head with Grog accidentally hurting Pike… oh man. So good.

5. Episode 63: The Echo Tree. The climax of the Feywild arc wound up being the payoff for a lot of character beats for Vex, and I’m not sure there’s been a villain who so easily and immediately got to the root of a character’s insecurities. Matt having this baddie incorporate the details of a short story that Laura wrote about Vex was vicious. It’s also so impressive that he was able to create a character who immediately brought up all of Vex’s insecurities and worries about putting her friends in danger, about being cruel and unwanted and never belonging, and there’s still that horrible guilt when she finally does fire on him. The sequence between Vex and Sondur is phenomenal.

4. Episodes 43/44: Return to Vasselheim/The Sunken Tomb. I’m counting this one as a two-parter because it features the same guest stars and makes up a pretty coherent little standalone. Absolute goofiness with amazingly funny little interpersonal moments between party members, guests, and NPCs; I’m a big fan of any time we get to see VM from an outsider’s perspective, and Zahra and Kash’s perspective is just the right mix of fond and sardonic. We get an oddly sweet after-school-special Grog moment, we get a beholder fight… and then we get everything going just unfathomably wrong in the last thirty minutes, completely out of nowhere. Half the party’s character arcs shifted permanently because of one failed saving throw.

3. Episode 89: Curious Tides. There aren’t a lot of recent episodes on this list, just because I generally only get to watch ‘em live and so they kind of all blur together and it becomes tough to remember specific episodes. But this one stood out. Any episode that can balance the extreme of a ritual that involves promising one god you’ll dedicate your life to killing another with the extreme of a well-meaning robot sketching the entire party while they’re sleeping? It’s a good time. Intense foreshadowing of some of the plot to come alongside hilarious (and wonderfully soothing) downtime shenanigans.

2. Episode 40: Desperate Measures. The completely world-shattering shift in the previous episode was startling enough, but it’s a testament to the RPing chops of the players and DM that they took the time to carefully play out the consequences of that change. What do you do when all the major population centers are being destroyed and any attempts to fight back are squashed? How far are you willing to go for a slim chance to instantly reverse what was done? Everyone in this episode is hurting and confused and frightened, and that comes across so well in the ways they lash out at each other. Despite the absolute crushing bleakness of the situation, this episode lays the groundwork for the emotional and plot-related beats of the next fifty episodes in the form of a tattered, piecemeal sort of hope.

1. Episode 52: The Kill Box. It’s one big battle, it should by rights drag out, but it’s so good. Every single member of the cast is so invested (Travis: “I can feel my heartbeat in my face…”), and it isn’t often that the party manages to catch Matt off-guard in a combat situation, but in this episode they just keep managing to surprise him again and again and again. And even their clever strategizing wouldn’t have been enough to save the entire party from the very real threat of a wipe once things start going sideways, if it weren’t for an absurd series of natural twenties to save the day. There have been a lot of mega-epic battles on this show since then, but none have hit this absolutely unreal combination of strategy and luck. This is the game-y part of the show at its absolute best.

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Do you have any fic recs (if you read them) for McHanzo (mostly) or other OW ships? I'm going on a long car journey and am in need of reading material :3

Sure thing!
Here’s some of my fave McHanzo fic - some are oneshot, others are multi chapter. Many are NSFW but totally safe for a long car ride:
-Searching for game…
Au where Genji is one of OW game developers and he REALLY wants Jesse to try the new game. A broody neighbor is involved too. Funny and very sweet: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10891869

-King’s Row Calling
Hanzo is in a punk band, McCree is a bartender. Riots in the streets and unexpected UST. Still in progress but totally worth the http://archiveofourown.org/works/9364847/chapters/21200891

-Hana Song’s guide on how to not be weird
Early days of Hanzo in Overwatch. He is kinda weird, Hana provides moral support, McCree not so much

-Star of the show
VERY NAUGHY one shot pwp. I love it to bits. Of the same author go for The sun was soft too, it’s very sweet and hot at the same time

-Those handcuffs
Usually I’m not that into soulmates!AU but this one is special.

-Target panic
Probably my favourite McHanzo ever. Jesse tells Hanzo he loves him. Hanzo doesn’t get it. It’s utterly adorable and heartbreaking with the happiest of endings

-Siren’s gold
MerHanzo and pirate!McCree. It’s my favourite take on the trope (but Samatura is insanely good in general, check the other stories too)

-Of the pickle persuasion
Street food!AU. Again, usually not my cup of tea, but I read it several times bc it cracks me up.

-ok this is not McHanzo, it’s a Reaper76 but it’s so good it had me in tears multiple times.
Soldier’s lullaby, a journey through Jack and Gabe’s relationship until the bitter(sweet) end.

There are so many more! Hope you’ll enjoy your read, and if anyone out there has some fics to suggest I’m all ears!

Love Is Not A Victory March

I’m sorry that this is not a prompt (I promise I haven’t abandoned them) but I had this idea in my mind after yesterday’s episode and I just had to write it. I don’t even know what this is, I’m just an angst addict, so yeah that’s pretty angsty but truly romantic at the end.

Silver heels clicked rhythmically down the brick steps of Pop’s entrance, halo blonde hair swaying in the wind and a sea of Evening Haze satin leaving a trail of feminine elegancy with every determined step she took. At that very moment Betty Cooper looked like a heroine straight out of a John Hughes movie; effortlessly beautiful, politely innocent and a heartbreaking damsel in distress, ready to be swiped off her feet by her lovely prince charming in the form of the misunderstood high school loner. However, reality was far from that. She didn’t need to be saved. This time, it was the misunderstood high school loner that sought salvation, that needed more than ever a heroine that would grab his hand while drowning and pull him to surface again, away from his demons, away from the darkness that seemed to surround his golden soul. Betty could, would, be that heroine for him.

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Mandarin in the classroom

I try to use as little Chinese in class as possible because I’m supposed to teach them English…but at the same time, I also teach 33 ten year olds at a time without an aid…sooo Mandarin has to happen for terror not to reign and here are my most frequently used phrases:

  • 你没事吗?”are you ok?“ sometimes you can’t really comprehend a sad little student’s mumbled Chinese recounting of how Johnny stole their pencil and why it’s so utterly heartbreaking to them, but sometimes just asking if they’re ok makes them ok
  • 你要去护士吗?“do you need to go to the nurse?”  because some students skip crying and go straight for bloody revenge against Johnny the pencil thief
  • 等他/她回来 “wait for him/her to come back”  for when twelve kids ask to go to the bathroom at the same time…or “一个一个去“ "go one at a time”
  • 耐心 “patience” for any time you are trying to hand something out and almost get trampled under the weight of all of the reaching hands…for every kid who says they don’t want to do a worksheet, there is a kid on the other side of the room demanding to know why you didn’t hand him one first
  • 别理他/她 "ignore him/her" I don’t have a Chinese teacher in the room with me, I don’t hit, I’m not a scary looking person and I don’t have the authority to dock points or change their grades, so the most effective way for me to waste as little time as possible and teach to as many kids as possible is to ignore the ones who are goofing off.  If a kid tattles I have a choice: either admit that I have no real authority or say this to them.
  • 抄写 “copy” it does not matter that every single student knows the English word or even that you literally wrote this word in both English and Chinese on their paper next to the word you want copied, you will always get at least one student asking “抄写?“
  • 都可以 "both are ok” or 你也可以说 “you can say that too”  I use these all the time because sometimes the students already learned the word “gift” and I didn’t know that and try to teach them the word “present” and they either have a meltdown or tell me “teacher…you’re wrong”
  • In that same vein “在美国我们说。。。在英国他们说。。。” “In America we say…in England they say…” because our students are taught mostly British-style English and although I have given in to saying “sweets” instead of “candy”, “rubber” and “trousers” just do not come out of my mouth naturally when I want to say “eraser” or “pants”
  • 安静 They all know how to say “be quiet” in English so you’re not doing them any English favors by saying it in English, you’re just causing yourself more strife because the ones who are being loud are absolutely not going to be listening for English words.  They probably turned their English off the second their English class with their Chinese teacher was over.  
  • Also…坐好 “sit down”….because while you can continue to successfully teach the rest of your class while ignoring the kid who is drawing six more weapons for his beast fighter, you and your kids will not be able to keep doing learning things while 6 students are running back and forth and jumping over chairs and whatnot
  • 美国,法国,韩国,泰国,俄罗斯,德国,加拿大…“America, France, Korea, Tailand, Russia, Germany, Canada etc”  A lot of the kids know some names of countries and a lot of the Chinese words for countries are transliterations that sound so close to the English that they still understand you even if they have never studied the English before….BUT, when you’re little it’s hard enough remembering all the names of places in your own language so I end up having to say the Chinese first for a lot of countries/nationalities in class a lot of times
  • ALL OF THE FOOD.  My students love to talk about food and use food (and for some reason Obama) in example sentences constantly

It’s week two of the second semester and I’m pretty sure I’ve used all of these at least once this week…but I also have said and have been told one last phrase:  我好想你啦!  ”I missed you!“

why you should read the bartimaeus trilogy by jonathan stroud:

  • snarky, hilarious first-person narrator who is also thousands of years old
  • footnotes for extra humor
  • really great worldbuilding (of the “this world but with certain key elements changed so that the course of history has been altered) variety
  • explores themes of oppression, privilege and rebellion, as well as history as a cycle
  • the magic system is complex and fascinating and ties directly into the abovementioned themes
  • also explores the redeeming power of love, but NOT in the ~*~magical hetero romance~*~ way
  • (seriously the series focuses on love outside the usual definitions of strictly romantic, and while there’s no explicit lgbt romance some of it can certainly be read that way)
  • (also have i mentioned that the “power of love” storyline is utterly heartbreaking)
  • main character as well as a bunch of others are all otherworldly shapeshifting nonhumans with weird morality systems and various grudges/friendships/issues going back for centuries
  • ot3 potential
  • yes it’s one of those YA novels about rebellion against a dystopia but the subject is played out far more thoughtfully and realistically, and the originality of the setting gives it a nice unique feel
  • main character is implied not to give a shit about gender (of course it’s one of those “nonhuman = agender” kinds of representation but. what can you do)
  • unconventional, super bittersweet ending
  • fandom is small but also really great in the way small fandoms are
  • seriously it’s so good. please read it
The One With The Breakup

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word count: 1,021

A/N: I wrote this fic based on the song ‘Nervous’ by Gavin James for @capsmuscles - I hope you like it, Bee! @fandommaniacx betad this fic - thank u so much boo! xx

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To further my discussion of why Zutara is not a dark, abusive, or unhealthy ship, I’d like to compare and contrast the emotional support Katara received from A/ang and Zuko. In my last meta, I explained how Zuko received support from M/ai and Katara, but now, I want to explore that same aspect but from Katara’s standpoint.

While there are many instances in which we see Katara pouring far more support in A/ang than she received in return, the most telling example comes from the comparison of Katara’s reaction to A/ang’s distress over losing Appa versus A/ang’s reaction to Katara’s distress over losing her mother. 

The loss of Appa (keep in mind the bison is missing, not dead) was quite traumatic for A/ang and understandably so - Appa was his greatest connection to his lost life with Air Nomads and also an extremely important member of A/ang’s family. The bison was his friend, his companion, his animal guide and in a sense, they were connected. 

Naturally, the prospect of never seeing the bison again threw A/ang into the Avatar state and while the other members of the group (Sokka, Toph & Momo) and the onlookers scattered, Katara remained behind to console her friend. 

This same level of support is seen throughout their time in the desert and in Ba Sing Se - Katara doesn’t let the group fall apart. Katara doesn’t give up. Katara doesn’t tell A/ang he’s wrong for being upset and angry and giving into a darker side than she’s used to witnessing from him (referencing his verbal attacks on the group and his actions towards the vulture wasp creature). She continues to support him, to care for him, to be that sturdy pillar that he leans on when despair and sadness set in. 

Given the huge amount of comfort she offers A/ang throughout the above episode and the remainder of season two, one would expect this gesture to be reciprocated when Katara expresses an urge to hunt down her mother’s killer. Instead, we see A/ang become visibly frustrated with Katara for wanting to pursue Yon Rha.

Katara: We’re going to find the man who took my Mother from me. 
Zuko: Sokka told me the story of what happened. I know who did it. And I know how to find him. 
A/ang: Umm… and what exactly do you think this would accomplish? 
Katara: I knew you wouldn’t understand. 
A/ang: Wait, stop, I do understand. You’re feeling unbelievable pain and rage. How do you think I felt about the sandbenders when they stole Appa? How do you think I felt about the Fire Nation when I found out what happened to my people?

Right off the bat, A/ang doubts Katara’s motivations. He doesn’t see this as something she needs to do, he doesn’t see it was a formative step in her healing. He sees it as a waste of time, as a direct affront on the principles of peace and forgiveness that the monks upheld. What’s so utterly heartbreaking about this scene is that Katara’s first response is I knew you wouldn’t understand.  

She came to her friend with this huge burden, not expecting (but hoping) for a positive reaction. After all, with the affirmation she’s shown A/ang in the past, she has every right to believe she’ll be shown the same support in return. Instead, she’s shut down immediately - and not only that, A/ang has the audacity to compare the theft of Appa to the murder of her mother. 

I repeat - the theft of Appa versus the cold-blooded murder of Kya. How are those similar in any way, shape, or form? I’m not saying Appa’s life holds no value - my point is that Appa’s life is in no way comparable to the life of a human being and for A/ang to say he understands what Katara is feeling based on the theft of his bison is grossly negligent and dismissive of her emotions.

Even more frustrating is the fact that Zuko, still the sworn enemy of Katara, was capable of grasping her grief and anger after spending only five minutes with her. After Katara digs into him for being a terrible person, for hunting her and her friends, for all in all, being who he is and doing what his father has called him to do. Still, after all of that, he recognizes her grief and sympathizes with her in a way that is truly remorseful.

These positions - A/ang not quite understanding versus Zuko fully empathizing with her - should have been reversed! We should have seen Zuko pointing the finger and telling her to stop holding a grudge (after all, the death of her mother wasn’t Zuko’s fault) and we should have seen A/ang listening to and understanding her. Instead, we get a fully apologetic prince and an accusing nomad who never once asks Katara about the feelings surrounding her mother’s death. 

In addition, Zuko’s remorse and drive to support Katara in her anger continues months later. He eagerly seeks her out and asks how he can fix it and when she offers the solution of bringing her mother back, he approaches Sokka so he can do the next best thing - help her get closure.  

Zuko recognizes the opportunity to do for Katara what no one else has done - he can help her face her mother’s killer, he can give her a sense of peace and resolution that no one has offered to her. More than that, he defends her. 

This girl, who is so angry she could kill him. This girl, who doesn’t even deem it possible to like him, much less get along with him. This girl, who holds him and his nation responsible for so much pain, and rightfully so. He defends her. 

Zuko: She needs this, A/ang. This is about getting closure and justice.
A/ang: I don’t think so. I think it’s about getting revenge.
Katara:  Fine! Maybe it is. Maybe that’s what I need. Maybe that’s what he deserves.
A/ang: Katara, you sound like Jet.
Katara: It’s not the same. Jet attacked the innocent. This man, he’s a monster.

Once again, Katara’s long-term, probably most trusted friend, makes a completely illegitimate comparison. Wanting to face the man who murdered her mother is not even in the same realm as Jet’s psychotic drive to murder innocent Fire Nation citizens. What on Earth could have possessed A/ang to compare his friend and supposed love interest to a wannabe mass murderer besides a complete lack of empathy and understanding?

Later, when tempers have cooled slightly and one would assume A/ang and Katara had a chance to talk off screen and reach an agreement, Katara returns with Zuko to Appa’s side only to be harassed once more about forgiveness. 

A/ang: So you were just going to take Appa anyway?
Katara: Yes.
A/ang: It’s okay, because I forgive you.That give you any ideas?    

Why? Is he so incapable of letting her do what she needs to do? Is he so lacking in faith that he can’t trust her to make the right decision on her own? Is he so blind that he sees his values as the end all and be all of overcoming grief? He claims to understand, but this makes it so brutally clear that he doesn’t!

Katara is her own person. Katara has her own needs and beliefs and desires. She doesn’t require the ancient knowledge of the monks to determine right from wrong and she certainly doesn’t need her friend telling her that what she’s feeling is wrong. If she believes that facing her mother’s killer, whatever the outcome of that may be, is the right thing to do, then A/ang should’ve been fully supportive and respectful of that. 

But it seems that the only person with the capacity to let Katara decide for herself was Zuko. Even as her enemy, he listened to what she was feeling and immediately offered his condolences. And as her ally, he gave her the opportunity to find closure. And that’s all he did. 

So many counterarguments stipulate that Zuko was pushing her to bloodbend or pushing her to kill Yon Rha. So many accuse Zuko of feeding her anger and her rage, when really, he was trying to help her end it. He presented what she needed and then let her decide. He let her lead the mission, literally watching as she confronted the men in the episode. 

He didn’t critique her for bloodbending. He didn’t critique her for not killing Yon Rha. In fact, he stood there quietly, like a silent protector in a way - he was there if she needed him, but he wasn’t going to influence to kill or not kill. Even when she let go of the anger and spared Yon Rha, he accepted her decision easily. There was no Do it or Why are you letting him live, there was just solace and understanding. 

So, to sum everything up with a nice little Zutara bow - as either her friend or lover, Zuko is far more supportive of Katara’s emotional needs than A/ang ever was, and because of this, I see Zutara as being a more conducive, wholesome pairing.

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Sorry if I bother you, I asked someone else but maybe they didn't see my ask. One of my best friends is watching the show for the first time and I wanted to show her the extended scene from Faith because I want her to know how amazingly talented Sam and Cait are and how utterly heartbreaking that whole scene really is. I still can't believe they didn't show us the pain of Jamie, who didn't even get the chance to meet his baby, mourning his loss with the love of his life. Can you post it, please?

Hi nonnie, here you go. I hope you have some tissues and chocolate ready for your friend.

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This is a p long Ed edd n eddy ramble, brace yourself lol: I’ve really tried to like eddy as a character throughout the series. But the more episodes I see the more upset I am at how cruel, uncaring, selfish and greedy eddy is. I’ve noticed he hardly cares about ed or edd unless its extreme (and even then, sometimes he won’t do anything) or he is manipulated into caring via compensation. There are few instances where he gives into legitimate guilt, but they’re rarer than they should be.

Don’t Rain on My Ed really nailed at how terrible eddy really is, especially to Double D. The entire episode builds up tension between edd and eddy, and I was really intrigued to see where it was going. Edd makes it clear more than I’ve seen in the series so far as to how eddy disregards consequences or his friends to impulsively indulge in whatever pleases him at the moment.

  Pt3: This continues as eddy abandons ed and edd to clean up their scam, and once again abandoning edd to the kanker sisters. And (to my frustration which I’ll later explain in more detail) edd aids eddy and still stays by him. 
Then the pivotal moment in the episode-the chicken crossing- highlights where eddy’s priorities stand, and it’s utterly heartbreaking. 

0t4: ’ll give the crew credit, I was honestly unsure as to whether eddy would either rescue edd and risk losing the jaw breakers or leave him. It’s rare for the trope of “will they won’t they x” to actually be convincing, and I believe it tied together the heavier atmosphere of the episode. 

Pt5: Now, It could be argued that eddy at least is concerned for edd’s well being since he takes up a good portion of the final minutes caught between two options, but I think that at this point in the episode, it’s hardly a plausible argument given the evidence for eddy’s behavior. 

6 (I think? I lost count lol) 
So, eddy’s greed wins out, and he makes a break for the jawbreakers (which are rightfully denied to him). 
This episode, I believe, was meant to bring out how eddy is always ready to leave behind his friends or drag them across the mud as he pursues his ambitions, and Im glad that edd more often berates eddy for doing so, but… gah!! I want him to DO something about it rather than just tell him off!

So here’s my question: why the hell does Edd even stay with the eddy? 
Going back to my statement about edd always ready to jump back in and help edd, I really want to know why double d even stays when eddy clearly abandons him. It doesn’t help that the very next episode, eddy straight up says to edd’s concerns, “what’s that?? I think that’s the sound of no one caring!”

Edd is clearly capable of spending his time in a more productive manner and healthier company if he stopped hanging out with eddy. Ed, on the other hand, is a very dear friend to edd, and often stays by edd and shares his sentiment…at least to the best of his abilities given his impaired intellect. Edd is also well aware that the scams eddy likes to pull off are morally wrong, and I become frustrated when double d routinely criticizes eddy’s actions but still goes with him.

. Really, all he does is claim “he’s so stubborn” on jumps in right as the scam backfires to say “I find you so”. n fact, I’ll even go as far as to ask what does Edd even SEE in Eddy? Eddy’s flaws clearly outrank the good, as we see he displays his crueler, greedier nature more often than not. I think also, (besides the love of jawbreakers) they have nothing in common.

Last one!: Polar opposites doesn’t mean a friendship is impossible, but given edd and eddy’s attitudes towards each other most of the time, their clashing personalities strain their relationship rather than compliment each other. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my rant, I know you’re well versed in the show so please correct me if my interpretation is wonky. This has been something I’ve been fighting myself over :p

So this is a pretty common takeaway from the series, and while I rarely feel I’m able to dissuade anyone who feels that way, I’ll give it yet another shot!

Ed, Edd n Eddy has a deceptively consistent continuity. The key timeline it follows is 5 months, beginning when the Eds start being harassed by the Kankers in June and ending with Eddy overpowering the Kankers in October (and then the specials, season 6 and the movie expand the world beyond that timeline, a little less clearly connected to the main series due to the specials being made in a pretty random order). The main story of the series is focused on different types of child abuse, how it creeps up in more ways than kids can notice, the damage it does to developing personalities, and finally the demonization and lack of empathy children receive after the damage has been done.  The Kankers are made the foreground of that abuse, but it is important to take in the background information we get about the Eds’ families and the townspeople, and then to also factor in that each season turns more characters into the Eds’ bullies, until the Eds are completely alone in the world and forced to bicker among themselves.  This eventually leads us to the movie, which doubles down on these themes by literally cutting the Eds off from everyone, taking a long hard look at the ways Eddy fronts to avoid talking about the abuse in his life, and then finally revealing the previously unspoken physical abuse he received from his brother as an infant.

Late season 3-mid season 5 have issues with the show clearly favoring Edd over Eddy. Despite Edd making most of the same mistakes as Eddy in other episodes, the most memorable stories are spent going above and beyond to make Edd’s side perfectly reasonable, while Eddy’s side is insanely unreasonable.  It got frustrating to watch, and the show would also sweep Ed’s bad behavior under the rug in favor of spotlighting Eddy’s, making it hard to understand how Eddy could ever be perceived as moral if even the “nice” characters were low-key jerks. But at the end of season 5, the focus on Eddy’s downhill spiral pays off in two ways: 1. ‘Smile for the Ed’ and other later episodes finally bring it to Ed and Edd’s attention that everyone in the town targets Eddy specifically without provocation, AND 2. ‘A Fistful of Ed’ has Eddy finally reaching the boiling point of his built up rage and he scares away the Kankers, saving his friends. For the episodes leading into the movie, Eddy starts reclaiming his season 1 dignity (back when he was frequently the only Ed shown to have any interest in protecting the other two, and would even be portrayed as the only one with social skills) and Eddy maintains that positive role with his friends as they start turning the tables on their many antagonists, until the movie deems it necessary to show how his season 3-5 behavior was the result of denial over his brotherly abuse.  Late season 5-season 6 makes painstaking efforts to show how Eddy was a good kid at the beginning of the show and still wanted to be that good kid at the end of the show, even though their cruel surroundings had driven him to misbehave.

For me, the history of loving support Eddy showed them prior to his depression arc and the guilt they should feel for treating him with less empathy than each other are reasons enough for Ed and Edd to care about seeing Eddy through.  Not to mention Eddy is openly suicidal.  But as for specifically rationalizing why EDD keeps coming back to the Eds prior to getting the apology he deserves in the movie, I think Edd is smart enough to see the recurring themes of abuse.  Deep down, Edd knows there must be something psychological he isn’t seeing about his friends’ lives, something troubling that explains their behavior.  When Bro exposes the truth at the end of the show, I think Edd’s sudden bravery partially stems from finally having closure in knowing why Eddy needs his help.

Sometimes I think about the last time Callie and Arizona were together and about how utterly heartbreaking that scene is. Beautifully done – so beautifully done, but so devastating.

Arizona thought it was makeup sex. She thought it was reconciliation. She thought it was a new beginning.

And her heart was completely and utterly ripped apart when she found out Callie didn’t feel the same way.

It was well written, I’ll give them that.

But damn.

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Adam Cole stealing you/sneaking around from your boyfriend

*trey songz voice* ITS MR STEAL YO GIIIRRRLL

- Adam was used to getting what he wanted
- He wanted to be the break out star from Future Shock. He made it happen. He wanted the ROH World Title. He made it happen three times. Even when he was banned from challenging Jay Lethal, he made it happen.
- So you were next on the list and the most difficult thing for him to obtain because of that worm you called a boyfriend
- The way he saw it, Adam was better than your boyfriend in every conceivable way: looks, personality, charisma, probably dick size
- Adam wasn’t a good man. He didn’t pretend to be. So he made a plan to make you his.
- First was gaining your trust. He had a reputation, a well deserved one, might he add. Your suspicion was warranted as Adam worked to become your friend, with offers to work out with you, to go grab a coffee “as just friends”, and the offers to travel together were met with resistance at first.
- But just as he expected, you’d warmed up to him.
- Second, was making your boyfriend suspicious. That in and of itself wasn’t hard, because Adam made sure to get photographed with you as much as possible. The fight you had had with your boyfriend following an appearance on a Being the Elite video was thunderous and rattled the walls of the hotel
- Adam was sure to be there to be the shoulder for you to cry on, with soft spoken words and a cuddle
- The third part was the hardest and required… assistance from Hangman
- The look on your face when you walked into the hotel room to catch your allegedly unfaithful and still drunk boyfriend in bed with a blonde barfly was utterly heartbreaking and your sobs were almost enough to wrench at  Adam’s cold, cold heart
- Almost.
- Adam traded a knowing look and a victorious grin with Hangman over your shoulder as the champion wrapped you up in a consoling embrace
- “You’ve always got me, (Y/N). I’m always gonna be here for you, in whatever way you’ll have me. I know its too soon, but… give me a chance.”

A small detail about Doctor Strange that left me teary...

Spoilers, obviously.

I noticed when I was watching Doc Strange for the first time, he had a piano in his high-rise apartment. And it left me curious as to whether they would show him playing it or not.

But then he had the crash; the permanent nerve-damage left his hands in a terrible state.

And when they showed his apartment after, the piano was gone.

He’d given up his music because he couldn’t play any longer.

I just found that utterly heartbreaking, thought I’d share.


“It doesn’t matter any more. Because these trials…They’re purifying me.”
-Sam Winchester, Supernatural 8 x 21: “The Great Escapist”

Sometimes Jared’s delivery is so beautiful it RIPS MY HEART TO SHREDS!! For as long as he can remember, Sam struggled with shame and self-loathing, believing deep down he was an unlovable freak. He did his best to keep his pain private, but the trials made him vulnerable, forcing his feelings to the surface and laying them bare for anyone to see. Because of the purifying effect of the trials, Sam dared to hope that, for the first time in his life, he could finally, finally, feel clean, normal…acceptable. But sadly, in his naivete, he didn’t realize the very same process he was putting so much faith in was slowly killing him. UTTERLY heartbreaking!

Jared’s skill in the area of gut-wrenching feels is nothing less than poetic. He can deliver a complex, nuanced cocktail of emotions, right down to the micro-expressions, and make YOU feel it, too! You can’t teach this in an acting class. An actor either has it naturally or doesn’t. I believe this scene exemplifies some of Jared’s best work. Even better than “Sacrifice.”

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What's your opinion on this: www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=bFAPKDVXNnw

I think he’s out of his damn mind.

For starters, the title is extremely misleading. I won’t call it click bait, because if it was click bait it would look more like “I Went to the Comic Book Store Today and You’ll NEVER Guess What Happened Next!” but all the same he’s selling oranges and calling them apples. The video is called “The Rise and Fall and Plummet of Comic Books” and the majority of the video is just him pissing and moaning about how demographics he’s not part of are being reached out to. He barely even touches on the comics and sales themselves and mostly focuses on tired, beaten to death points like lady Thor and a black girl paling around with Tony Stark. Like, seriously people, even people who like those characters are probably sick to death of them being brought up all the fucking time. Also, describing Bat Woman’s sexual orientation as “Oh, she enjoys slurping some slatch!” And he wonders why people call him and his fans ‘man babies.’ It would be one thing if he was 12 or 15, but he’s not; he’s a grown ass man. When the hell is he going to start acting like one?

Also, describing a Mary Sue and citing Rey from The Force Awakens as an example? First of all, 2015 called, they want their easy target back, and second that whole “Ugh, Rey’s a Mary Sue, nyah nyah nyah!” has been long since debunked. There’s nothing you can say about Rey that can’t also be applied to Luke.

But putting all that aside, he’s not saying anything new. Comic books have been on the wane since the Spectator Boom back in the 90′s turned the industry on its’ head and it just never recovered. Comic books just aren’t a growth industry anymore. The upcoming video-game “Injustice 2″ will easily sell over three million copies if not more, but if DC made a comic book with the same exact story, characters, premise, and setting….it would be lucky if it sells 100,000 copies. By the way, those are considered GOOD sales. In any other industry, selling 100,000 of anything would be a death sentence for that particular intellectual property. If only 100,000 tickets were sold for a movie like Civil War or Batman v Superman then not only would that be a crippling financial blow to the studio, but the medium itself would have taken such a punch to the gut that it likely would have been DECADES before that studio made another superhero movie.

Having said that, I do agree that I’d much rather see these companies make new characters instead of just give a pre-existing character and giving them a race or gender swap. It’s tiresome, boring, and supremely lazy. The part I take umbrage with is that he’s acting as if this is some recent phenomenon that only surfaced in the last few years. Spoiler alert, it’s not. Comic books have been doing this for decades now, for it’s a tactic almost as old as comic books themselves. While it’s as exasperating as exasperating gets, it works. As much as I detest that method, I still have to admit that if not for it we wouldn’t have great characters like Steel, Power Girl, War Machine, X23, Batgirl, She-Hulk, pretty much every Teen Titan that isn’t Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and arguably Beast Boy (one can easily argue that’s he’s a green pint-sized Plastic Man, only with animals) and the list goes on and on.

Look, laugh and guffaw and cry “See, this is what happens when you pander to SJWS!” all you want over comics declining sales all you want, but again, falling sales are nothing new. Comic books and printed media as a whole with the exception of novels has been slowly but steadily going extinct for the past two decades now, and blaming falling comic book sales on SJWs or whatever online boogeyman is currently trending is like blaming EA for the video-game crash of 1987. By all means, criticize them all you want. You don’t have to like what they’re doing by any stretch. As someone who’s grown up reading comic books, I can’t tell you how utterly heartbreaking it is to not only see comic books and printed media in general slowly going extinct, but even more saddened that what comic books there are serve as little more than beta-testing grounds for future multi-media projects. By and large, Marvel doesn’t give a FUCK what comic is and isn’t selling. Would they like Korean Hulk and Ironheart to be best sellers? Sure, but they aren’t losing sleep over low sales. The only part they actually care about is when or if Riri Williams becomes a viable enough character to take the reins in future Iron Man movies once Robert Downy Jr. decides “Yeah, you know what? I made enough money.”

Again, you don’t have to like it or even respect it. I certainly don’t. But if your big KO to them is “Hey, your Captain Marvel comic isn’t selling very well!” all Marvel’s going to do is reply with “Sorry, what was that? We can’t hear you through this big pile of money we’re about to make from the Captain Marvel movie staring his female counterpart which will also become the go-to female superhero movie when DC inevitably fucks up Wonder Woman!”

One more thing. As for the whole SJW thing, again, you can criticize all you want. But if you’re going to lose your shit over a comic book talking about tampons, then grow. The hell. Up. Comic books have talked about problems of men and boys for as long as comic books have been a thing. Almost every teenage superhero have powers that are metaphors for puberty while at least one third of the entire Spider-Man lore and mythos is about how he can’t seem to ever get laid. Anyone who’s going to lose their damn mind over Marvel talking about girl problems while ignoring Peter Parker’s sex life often being a major selling point all the while acting as if they had been personally wronged because a comic book had the audacity to reach out to young girls for once, then they can take their selective persecution complex and stick it straight up their ass!

And for the record…

I know we’re all making fun of J.K. Rowling for not knowing anything about America or whatever, especially with the Ilvermorny thing, but what gets me. What fucking gets me. Is the Wampus Cat thing.

Like, I’ve read fics and stuff and the Wampus is mentioned offhand when the hair is used as a wand core or something but. I live where the Wampus lives. She’s not some fuckin thing J.K. came up with, she’s a well-known folklore creature in southern Appalachia, something i grew up hearing horror stories about. “Stay inside at night or the Wampus will get you, stay out of the mountains if you’re alone and its dark. If you hear someone screaming in the woods at night,” and you do, sometimes, terrifyingly, “don’t follow the noise. Don’t try to find who’s hurt.”

I guess it doesn’t hit other people the way it hits me, but like. Goddamn. This is not particularly the kind of creature you want representing a house in your school, i don’t think. If you grew up hearing the stories i heard, about the beast-woman who roams the hills, flesh bound to a mountain lion’s, with eyes that’ll drive you to insanity with a single glance and a scream so, so like a human’s, you’d be a little more respectful. And she’s not a species: she’s one of a kind. Cursed.