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Game of Thrones 706

1) WINTERWEAR WATCH #1: Gendry is wearing a hood! Oh no wait, he’s taken it off to display his beautiful chiselled face. I’m sorry, but the first rule of going north of the Wall is to WEAR A FUCKING HAT.

2) Oh joy, here are Sansa and Arya, continuing their slumber party, making salted caramel brownies together and playlists featuring Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Oh no, wait, they’re still being stupid and horrible to each other, utterly belying the cleverness they have developed over the course of six seasons. I shall continue to watch these scenes whilst actually imagining them under a duvet watching ‘Love Island,’ because THAT IS BETTER.

3) ‘Gingers are beautiful,’ says Tormund. ‘There’s me, Ron Weasley, Prince Harry, Joan off of Mad Men, Damien Lewis…’ ‘Shut up,’ says Sandor ‘Sad Eyes’ Clegane, not thinking of any beautiful redheads AT ALL, no siree.

4) ‘Dick.’ ‘Cock.’ ‘Dick.’ ‘Penis.’ ‘Love truncheon.’ A new ship! Santormund. Tormdor. Hmm, a bit unwieldy. AS WELL IT WOULD BE. *gazes into space*

5) Go back, Gendry! You have never seen snow and it has taken days to get this far and you’re not even wearing your hood but don’t worry! Miraculously, you’re SIR MO FARAH except in furs!

6) Tyrion to Danaerys: ‘Let’s play Shag, Marry Avoid! Drogo, Jorah, Dahaario, Jon. Oh no wait, that’s too many. You’ll have to be related to one of them.’ Danaerys: ‘Shut uuuupp.’

7) WINTERWEAR WATCH #2: That is the greatest I’m-Riding-My-Dragon-To-North-Of-The-Wall coat that I have ever seen. #savage #onpoint #onfleek

8) Jon to Danaerys: ‘Dany? ‘Naerys? D-Money? D-Bomb?’

9) It’s like a parent getting a WhatsApp message from a drunken teen child in Nottingham at 3am: ‘Dear Dany, I mean Danaerys, sorry, my bad, please can you come pick us up? We’re stuck on a rock surrounded by legions of the dead.’ 

PS There are not just magic flying carpets in Westeros. There are also MYSTERIOUSLY FAST INVISIBLE RAVENS. I mean, wouldn’t it have taken a week to fly to Dragonstone? Wouldn’t the hardy undead-fighting crew have frozen solid?

10) Zombie EVERYTHING. WARGHGHGHGHG (that’s the dragon-version).

English humor is either the quick-witted, utterly dry and clever wordplay of Oscar Wilde and Noël Coward or the absurd, over-the-top slapstick of Monty Python with no in between

“You are not alone”

So that clip was absolutely stunning on an offensive level. AND genius as well. It seemed to portray love as a religious experience, which is beautiful for these two who have struggled to come to terms with love in different ways. It also ties in so wonderfully with Sana’s speech about religion and Sonja’s stupid comment, comparing being in love with Isak as a sick idea, like learning the Quran. 

Also, I feel like this theme of aloneness and togetherness has been running through this season. Isak has struggled to connect with the people in his life who matter, friends and family and to seek solace in others at times of need - as was fantastically pointed out to him by the doctor/not doctor lady - “Kvart et menneske er en oy”. The process of coming to terms with himself was very lonely until he finally spoke to Jonas, which really enabled him to move forward. Even has also been alone in many senses and not telling Isak about his condition has exaggerated that for him even more. As someone who can suffer from periods of depression this clip really spoke to me and I’m sure it did to others as well for many different reasons. 

This clip was amazing in so many ways, but the way it portrayed togetherness and how love is for everyone and everything is love is something I don’t think I’ll ever forget!

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hi! seeing you reblog death note got me wondering... what are your feelings re: naomi misora and her death?

Oh my god, Naomi is one of my favorite Death Note characters. Every time I re-read/rewatch Death Note, I always get pissed off about her death. She deserved so much better! Naomi is so utterly clever and logical, and she was the first person to see right through Light and figure out what he actually is (even before L figured it out, which is pretty significant). I wish she’d stayed alive. 


so i started to write this AU but i lost interest bc it’s just a repeat of the series but i like it too much for it to languish on my computer so here you go

it’s an AU that whenever someone believes they failed a fissure forms on their skin, and when they right whatever wrong caused it, the fissure heals a symbolic color (kintsugi is the practice of repairing broken objects with precious metals to make them more beautiful)

it’s pretty long and unfinished and in the style of saudade but listen. i like it ok. i have a version from victor’s pov but this one is……..better 

tw: slight body horror/body issues

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Island #3 (September 2015)

I feel like this anthology is not only filled with good comics, it’s also good for comics. It’s so thrilling to open it up and find out what’s inside, and this is only the third issue.

Beautiful Farel Dalrymple cover up top.

And this is from Ancestor by Malachi Ward and Matt Sheean:

Those little yellow bubbles are like a constant swarm of web activity around the head of the person looking at her. Utterly imaginable and very clever representation.

And this is from Dilraj Mann’s Queue:

Reminds me a little of Charles Burns.

This panel is from Don’t Talk So Much by Kate Craig:

Just a gorgeous sky.

More to come…

How can Moffats writing be any more boring?


discovered this tumblr a while ago while I was watching the last Doctor Who Season, now on it again because I watched the first episode of Sherlock Season 3 yesterday.

I may be just repeating things but I have to say that I don’t understand why the writiers of Doctor Who and Sherlock get away with so many plot holes. When Sherlock “dies” at the end of Season 2 it was by no means a cliffhanger for me. Why would it? I was very clear that he would just have faked its death and that he’d be back for the next season. So why care, except for the “how”? And, knowing from the last Doctor Who seasons, there would probably be some lazy explanation, which, in the end, opens even more plot holes than it eventually solves.

Also, the way that Sherlock (and Doctor Who) try to enact suspense is not working anymore for me. There is no fear of one of the main characters dying. How could they? They have a tv show to be a part of. So what happens when they are put into situations they can impossibly escape? We get a deus ex machina solution. Like the off switch on the bomb in S3E1. Wow, that was surprising and the whole scene had me just yawning and rolling my eyes constantly, because I was just waiting for the next lazy solution.

(This is exactly how I feld with “The Name of the Doctor”. Several Episodes we were waiting for some resolution, follow up, to the whole “Name of the Doctor Thing”, and then in the episode, that focused on this thing, when the only thing that Clara can do to save them, is telling the name of the Doctor (which she learned about ealier). And she does. By saying that his name is: “The Doctor”.Oh how witty and clever and utterly boring and disappointing. I can’t express how angry this actually made me.)

In Sherlock and Doctor Who it has come to a point where I actually don’t really care about story and plot anymore because I know the stakes will be raised high as hell and the next situation will be even more impossible to escape than the last. And then one of the main characters will just magically find the off switch, say something or just do some other thing that is just a deus ex machina solution and everything will be fine.

Consequences? None. Failures? Not possible.

Getting invested into the dillemas of the characters/plot just feels like a waste of time because they won’t fail them and their solution will mostly be only a giant cop out.

So why would I even care in the first place, when I know that I won’t get any decent explanation? Several times, while watching Sherlock or Doctor Who the last 1 1/2 years I have felt like the writers are just messing with my expectations of a proper solutions to problems and dillemas and everytime I have felt like they were just playing with ther audience. I almost start to take this personal ;)

Sorry, had to get this off my chest after seeing Sherlock yesterday.


Summary: Irene Adler was dead. And my friend Sherlock Holmes refused to eat, sleep, speak, or do anything at all besides stand by the window and compose. Until Molly Hooper braved the steps of our flat, bringing the one thing no one thought he needed: a fairytale. (A Scandal in Belgravia AU - John’s POV).

Rating: K+.

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes & Molly Hooper.

No words could be able to describe the perfection of this Fanfiction. The depiction of the characters is the most accurate you could ever wish for, the plot is subtle, delicate, utterly beautiful and incredibly clever. I have read many fanworks, from many fandoms. Among them were some great pieces of art. Some made me cry, or laugh, or both. And I often think about the best ones, the ones which haven’t left me even after I closed my laptop. In my opinion, “As You Wish” surpasses them all. If you need comfort, if you wish to find some peace after a rough day, do not hesitate any longer.

Feel free to give reviews to the author, she deserves it. 

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things you said after the football match ft. gryles pls xoxoxoxoxo

Nick had gotten them box tickets because that’s what they’d said at the station you’re meant to do when you want to be posh and go to the game, you sit in the box. But Pete wasn’t having any of that, wanted to sit down with the commonfolk, as it were. Which is fine with Nick, as he comes from a long line of commonfolk, but he had rather hoped the box seats would provide enough distractions that he wouldn’t have to actually watch the game.

But a harried lady named Sabrina had understood when Nick had said something and directed them to some seats closer to the pitch, highly visible to everyone around them, so Nick couldn’t sit on his mobile or stuff his face with free food he really shouldn’t be eating anyway without the entire world thinking he’s a prat. Or, at the very least, Fiona calling him a prat, on air, in front of millions of morning commuters.

Nick sighs his way through the first forty-five minutes, which in sports time, is actually more like two hours. He can’t very well ask Pete if he wants to leave his own Christmas present early.

“There’s one more of these after intermission?” Nick makes a general hand flap towards the field.


“Yes, of course.”


“Excellent, can’t wait.”

Nick volunteers to get the next round of beer, slightly disappointed the queue doesn’t take nearly enough time to get through, because the fifteen minutes of halftime are just barely up when he shuffles back down the row to their seats.

There’s someone new on the Manchester sideline, standing right in front of their seats. He’s fitter than any of the other butch ones combined, stretching all four of his mile-long limbs diligently, his red jersey shorts looking a bit too short for regulation, if you asked Nick. If you also asked Nick, he’d say he’d rather have them off altogether, on Nick’s bedroom floor, and that’s probably the reason nobody ever asks Nick.

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Cup size

As a Brit in America who loves to cook, I wish to single out the cup for praise. I normally grumble a lot, but this really deserves to be celebrated.

The cup is a single unit of measure that replaces all oz, g, lb and kg in the kitchen. It is so utterly simple and brilliantly clever that so many people overlook how good this is. My American mother-in-law can bake the most wonderful cakes and pies without the use of any scales or balances - just her cup measurement. It works for wet and dry equally well, it is portable, is it singular, it is a delight as a pure and distilled idea that removes complication.

Winner: USA, whose singular cup measurement overfloweth.